A Global Pandemic of Hope

Ethel Gonzales

Yes, a Global Pandemic of Hope, not of fear! Four solutions to overcoming fear are highlighted in this article. The Global Coronavirus Pandemic gave reason for fear. Actions of immediate panic took place. Many have died as a result of this horrible virus giving a reason for panic, self-protection, and caution. Thousands stocked up on clorox disinfectant, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and frozen pizza. Did you join the ranks of the global fearful? Permanent feelings of fear can be problematic. Lasting fear damages your life-long peaceful happiness and peace. Faith and hopelessness can’t coexist. Fear and hope can’t coexist. After your sudden actions, you understand that fear is not the best long-term solution to hopefulness, stability, and a balanced hopeful happy life.

First, HOPE

Will you now consider joining the ranks of the global pandemic of hope? FEAR and HOPE are powerful words! It is noteworthy what fear did to thousands. Hope is also a powerful word. Hope causes sunshine in your life. Hope helps you look beyond the dark threatening clouds for a blue sky. Hope helps you wake up in the morning ready and willing to take on the challenges facing you. Hope helps you say I can. Replacing your fear with hope should be at the very top of your to-do list.


Can you be grateful for what you have learned about sorrow and loss? The pandemic has certainly underscored the necessity during serious times of grieving, one must learn to count their blessings. It is vital to your grieving and healing that through difficult encounters, there is still much in life to be grateful for and hopeful about. You can learn that you have infinitely more assets than your limitations and afflictions.

• You can learn to be thankful to know that your broken mind and heart can be healed.

• As you have struggled for some peace and understanding during this difficult pandemic, it is vital to remember that you are living.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John F. Kennedy.”

My gratitude fortress is full of recognized blessings that indefinably surpass my trials and afflictions. Acting on your intentions to be grateful can bring you rich, rewarding blessings. Practice gratitude every day to foster gratefulness, hopefulness, and happiness in your life. Keep a gratitude journal or diary. In your journal/diary count your blessings one by one – you will be surprised all the grateful blessings you list.

Third, Don’t Bury Your Emotions

Above all other actions, don’t bury your emotions. Releasing your deep sorrowful emotions, in your own way, is a necessary healing step. Cry when you feel like crying. There is no shame in your emotions. Crying helps you mourn and cleanses you of sadness.

• Much of our society is often not good at witnessing others’ sorrowful pain.

• Whether you are one who cries or not, recognize that everyone shows their grief emotions in their own way.

• Burying and not releasing your emotions is a very unhealthy option.

Seize The Moment

“He wept, and it felt as if the tears were cleansing him, as if his body needed to empty itself.”

~ Lois Lowry

Tears often come as we mourn because of our sorrow and loss. Tears are a way of expressing and releasing grief emotions. Crying is not a weak response; rather it is another way you can express your deepest feelings. Some think crying is a sign of weakness. This is definitely not so!

Crying is a human emotion, normal and acceptable. Recognize with complete clarity that crying is okay. It is an expression of your sorrow.

Sometimes you may want to shed your emotions privately. Going to your private place and express your pain and struggles is a vital step toward healing. Do this as long and as often as you want. Pray hard for there is inspiration and strength that comes from communion with your God. There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of a tragic grief happening. Bring your emotions to the surface; they are after all, what happened. All these actions help you to reconcile your grief.


You can best measure your strength by how well you respond to your unwanted circumstances. There is a power within you that you may not have yet discovered. Linking into your inner strength is essential and can be an exciting discovery. It will require determination and effort.

• Inner-empowerment never comes easily.

• While you may not have been able to prevent the worst from happening; you are the only one who can determine your attitude you choose in reference to the hardship that has darkened your life.

Seize The Moment:

You can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, with life brought to a halt by the weight of your unique personal pandemic experience. Choosing to rise above the pain point in your life is a better choice. You have the inner power to not just get ready to live but live. There may be those times when you will feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back. Nonetheless, unlike many earthly things acquired — character and inner strength are portable. You can transfer the ore of experience, which is character, to give you empowerment to meet unexpected obstacles. Your inner strength will empower you to reconcile your grief and heal. Especially today, think that you can. Have you asked yourself: “what strength deep inside of me, have I not yet sought?” Then, access all your inner strength.

Seek HOPE. Be GRATEFUL. Don’t Bury Your Emotions. Search deep within for your INNER STRENGTH

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