A Tantric Practice to Activate and Obvious Your Power

Ethel Gonzales

Bija Mantra Chakra Clearing Practice
This is a audio strategy that can clear away blocks and activate the energy facilities. Activating these power facilities lets ecstatic power to stream into just about every part of the system. When ecstasy flows it enhances every single facet of your life- sexual, spiritual and mundane.

Build a silent, beautiful place wherever you will not be disturbed. Change off the phones. Study in excess of the full observe just before you begin, so you both of those have an understanding of the observe.

The Coronary heart Salutation
You commence by acknowledging the Divine in each individual other with a Heart Salutation. Sit throughout from your spouse and seem into their eyes. Lengthen your arms towards the earth, palms collectively. Then, inhale and keeping your palms in prayer place, deliver them to your coronary heart. Exhale as you bow forward and acknowledge the Divine in just about every other with the Sanskrit salutation “Namaste.” Namaste usually means, “I honor the Divine in you as a reflection of the Divine in me.” Inhale as you straighten again up. Ultimately, exhale as you make it possible for your hands to return to the commencing place, pointed toward the earth.

The Bubble
Now, you and your husband or wife develop a bubble around yourselves. Do this by waving your arms around you as you both of those determine the shape of the bubble that surrounds you. Then, gesture as if eradicating an object from your bubble and verbally share what matters you are taking away. These are factors that will not likely provide you in this exercise (the earlier, distractions, anger, be concerned, and so forth.) Up coming, gesture as if bringing matters into your bubble. These are factors that will support the apply (adore, willingness, presence, have faith in etcetera.) Building the bubble aids to phone you into present minute consciousness and generates a secure space in which to exercise.

Share Your Wants, Fears and Boundaries
After the bubble is made, share your intentions/desires, fears and boundaries connected to this apply. Very first, one individual speaks while the other human being listens with no judgment or commentary. Then, you switch roles. Listed here is an example:

“There is a want to stay current, open and obvious any blocked power.”

“There is a concern is that I is not going to don’t forget which mantra to say.”

“There is a boundary is that when you tone into my root, I would like you to be a number of inches away from my overall body. For the relaxation, it is Alright to contact my human body with your arms.”

Why boundaries? Boundaries are not partitions, they are bridges. Intimacy happens when people today have balanced boundaries. Balanced boundaries allow for you to really feel risk-free, continue to be open and be current. Boundaries are dynamic, so it is crucial to verify-in periodically with on your own to see if your boundaries have transformed. If they have altered, update your companion so they can honor your new boundaries. Right here are a number of examples: “I need to have to stop this apply by noon.” “I required to be touched carefully all through this meditation.” “If a little something just isn’t doing the job for me, I will enable you know.”

Bija Mantra Chakra Clearing
This practice is carried out with a lover or can be modified and accomplished alone. One man or woman will obtain and the other will give. The receiver lies on the floor on a sarong or blanket, on a therapeutic massage desk or on the bed. The giver is positioned next to the receiver. The giver will be firming the Bija Mantra affiliated with just about every chakra into their partner’s chakra centre. As you tone into their chakra, you want to create a tube with your fingers. Area your lips up from the opening of the tube you have developed and make a seal. You will area the other conclusion of the tube both in opposition to your partner’s entire body or a few inches absent (based on your partner’s boundaries.) As you tone by the tube, it permits the mantra to travel deeply into the system, clearing and activating the chakra. Observe a number of instances until finally you experience at ease with the system.

How to Tone the Bija Mantras
The Bija Mantras are sacred seems that resonate with each individual chakra. “Bija” suggests “seed.” Each individual Bija Mantra is a certain sound that activates, clears and amplifies its unique chakra.
The very first 5 seed sounds rhyme with the word “mother”:

1-“LAM” (Root Chakra)

2-“VAM” (Belly Chakra)

3-“RAM” (Solar Plexus Chakra)

4-“YAM” (Heart Chakra)

5-“HAM” (Throat Chakra)

The 6th seed seem rhymes with the phrase “house”:

6-“OM” (Third Eye Chakra)

7-Silence (Crown Chakra)

One particular way to keep in mind the buy of the Bija Mantras is with the acronym LoVeR You Have Orgasms.

The get in which we do the practice is distinct for adult males and gals. With a male, you commence at the root and move up to the crown simply because masculine power is related with the sky, consciousness, and emptiness. With a girl, you begin at the crown and move down to the root, due to the fact feminine strength is connected with Earth, everyday living and embodied bliss.

If you are undertaking this observe by yourself, put your hand above the appropriate place and say the mantra. As you tone, ship the electricity into every chakra with your hand and intention.

Decide on who will give and acquire to start with. I suggest toning into each and every chakra 3 instances. Immediately after just about every chakra, hold out 1-2 minutes for the receiver the totally combine just about every seem. Just after finishing all 7 chakras put on some meditative music and sit or lie with the receiver, allowing them time to combine this encounter. Finally, just take a couple of minutes to communicate your expertise with each other. If you’ve agreed, then change roles.

Be certain to don’t forget the firming sequence for adult men and women of all ages is reversed (guys: root to crown girls: crown to root.):

Adult males Women of all ages
1-LAM 7-Silent

2-VAM 6-OM




6-OM 2-VAM

7-Silent 1-LAM
This practice enables you to clear and activate your strength and really feel more aliveness in your overall body.

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