Are Pole Dancing Shoes Essential for Pole Dancing?

Ethel Gonzales

Pole dancing is the latest exercise fad by many girls around the world. No longer is it just for gentleman’s clubs. If you take a look at the modern sport it has many parallels with gymnastics in fact I think that it is gymnastics for adults. Not many people would get away with rocking up to the gymnastics session with a bunch of 5 years olds or wouldn’t even attend a gym class if they thought they would be performing handstands, headstands, handsprings. Well that’s exactly what hundreds of girls all over the country are doing when they attend their local pole fitness lesson.

More about how it can be compared to gymnastics. Look at moves performed by advanced pole dancers, the iron cross, straight edge, twisted handspring, flag pole you need core strength, arm strength. It’s amazing for toning every part of your body. You even get a cardio workout.
Now we know what this new craze is let’s answer the question posed in the title: Are pole dancing shoes essential?

The short answer to that is NO, in fact many pole schools ask you not to wear stripper shoes as they are also called, and if you can perform a move without shoes you can most probably perform an advanced move whilst wearing them. Let’s take a look at the advantages of wearing pole dancing shoes.

The advantages of wearing dancing shoes:

  1. Firstly they help you stick to the pole. Pole dancing shoes are made out of plastic. This helps you stick to the pole. Very important when you are learning because when you are first you don’t have enough strength or the correct technique. The shoes just make it that little bit easier to stick to the pole.
  2. The weight of the shoe will improve your spins by giving you extra momentum.
  3. Shoes have a curved end to help you rotate on the ball of your foot which allow you to pivot gracefully around the pole.
  4. As pole shoes are relatively heavy, they can help you get a deeper stretch across your legs when you invert. This deeper stretch will make your tricks look incredible.
  5. Strength give you a better workout – When wearing these special shoes you are basically on tip-toes for your whole workout, the shoes force your calf muscles to work harder and subsequently your claves. Plus imagine how much more effort you need to use to kick a shoe instead of just your foot into the air. Those legs and stomach muscles will have to work that little bit harder.
  6. Pole shoes elongate your legs making them look gorgeous! Your long elongated legs with make you look youthful, slender and tall. Attractive to men and gives the impression that your still a young girl with long slender limbs. They will make you look amazing.
  7. Pole dancing shoes will also:
    • Protect you – from bruising and scrapes to the skin on your feet
    • Give you comfort – poles dancing shoes have padding on the insoles so are fantastically comfortable
    • Are hygienic they will prevent the spread of verrucas etc.

Are there any other shoes that you can wear to pole dance in? You are not limited to just wearing pole dancing shoes or bare feet you could wear trainers, pole dancing boots or ballet shoes.

For more information on the benefits of pole dancing shoes and wear to buy shoes from please take a look at the website.

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