Best Butt Exercise Revealed

Ethel Gonzales

Have you been trying to improve the shape of your bum but are not sure what exercises to incorporate into your workout? Are you a little confused as to which exercise is the absolute best butt exercise you can use to make sure you include every workout session? Well I am going to reveal the very best exercise not just for toning up your glutes but for many other reasons to.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Introducing “The Squat”

Squatting without weights is a perfect way to stretch and exercise not only your bum as you clench tightly for better squatting form but it also helps with leg flexibility and musculature which aides in shaping all the areas around the bum which is just as important as the bum itself!

If you are at the gym there are also squatting machines which are even better as you sling a barbell over your shoulders and add some weigh to it. This will give your upper body some work and made the squat more work intensive giving better results. The activation of so many muscle groups by doing this is also rewarding as it releases more hormones that if you just focus on the glutes themselves, This is good for muscle growth and your health in general. Moe muscle actually helps burn fat too.

However unlike some of the more simple exercises the squat is quite complicated. if you do it with poor technique you can greatly diminish the effectiveness and not only that you could hurt yourself in the process. Remember it is an all body exercise so you should be tightening all your muscles as you do it and keeping your back straight and sit down in the squat a little like if you were going to the toilet.

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