Building a “Superman” Core With One Exercise

Ethel Gonzales

Building a “Superman” core with one exercise

I’m not big on having a six pack; I focus on the function and strength of my body as a whole. Spending half of a workout to build a six pack is a waste of time considering abs are made in the kitchen.

Today’s television, media, magazines and all other forms of advertisement points to having abs. We live in a vanity type country; problem is we are fatter and sicker than ever before.

The type of bodily strength I’m talking about is strength built though out the body used for all types of activities. People interested in real physical fitness and strength is more interested in building fitness and strength that you can use in all situations.

You can do a hundred different ab exercises and still never have a really strong core; most ab training is weak and ineffective. Of course you will always have someone give you some theory on the right way to build strength in the abs, the only problem is; like I said before, if you follow everyone else you will get the same weak results.

I also tell people over and over I want men and women that will work harder and sweat more than the average person so the results they get will be far better and faster than the average.

I offend a lot of people because of my brash ways and the way I train and because it goes against what the experts who learn mostly from books and not from actually doing the exercise tells them.

To build a “Superman core” you have to do exercises that will really attack the core and I know of about five exercises that are extremely effective. The only challenge is most will struggle with being able to only do a few and some won’t even be able to do one.

As far as progression, I have never used a progression method for anything. I attacked the exercise and worked at it until I could do it.

One of the greatest and toughest core strength builders in the “Superman Pushup”

(Lay on the floor on your stomach arms extended over your head now raise your body off the floor a few inches)

Even though you are only raising your body a few inches the strength in your abs and lower back will be tested. Most people won’t be able to do one, but once you get one and your body knows the movement they will get easier.

The most I have ever done is 100 in fewer than six minutes. But I can tell you a couple of these will build strength in the core that will be legendary. Try one of these and see where you are. You don’t need many for amazing results.

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