Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Homeopathy

Ethel Gonzales

Carbon monoxide poisoning seems so outdated, doesn’t it? Yet there are incidences of it every year in winter when folks try to keep warm with combustible engines.

I live in Buffalo, where the snow can pile up over a tail pipe in no time. Every year during a storm, there are news reports of people getting trapped in their cars. Whether it’s in a car stranded on a snowy road or when using a generator for added warmth in a house, poisoning from ill ventilated areas can be a real threat. Since the gas is odorless, it is easy to be lulled into thinking there is no danger.

So how can homeopathy help? Homeopathy is an accepted form of medicine throughout the world that has voluminous case studies proving the efficacy of its methods in dealing with many kinds of poisonings. The remedy chosen depends on the type of poison and the victim’s reaction.

Upon finding someone who has been poisoned by carbon monoxide, the protocol is to immediately remove him from the area so that fresh air can be inhaled. Artificial respiration should be begun and it has been shown that the homeopathic remedy Carbo vegetablis can aid in bringing the sufferer to consciousness. A person who has been poisoned with carbon monoxide often presents with a pink face and they look rather healthy, so their appearance can be misleading. Even if the person is unconscious, it has been shown that when the pills are placed in the mouth, the victim will not choke on them if tucked between the gums and lips. The pills quickly dissolve and begin their action. This is particularly valuable for a vomiting or unconscious person.

Another remedy that has been shown to be helpful for a milder case of carbon monoxide poisoning is Bryonia. The situation in which Bryonia is reputed to be of value is when the victim remains conscious and there may be nothing more than a little nausea and dizziness.

Both remedies can also be used when the ill effects from a poisoning is months or even years old.

Take Marlene, for instance. Marlene had an overall ill feeling and chronic fatigue that had been part of her life since 20 years previous. Upon consulting with a homeopath, she was asked what experiences might have been detrimental to her health. Marlene relayed a story of how she was never well since she had been dragged from a house by a neighbor who found her unconscious on the floor. While living in South America, the house she was staying in was heated by an old stove that she subsequently learned was notorious for giving off carbon monoxide. She concluded that her ill feeling all those years was likely due to that incident of poisoning. Upon taking Carbo vegetablis for several days, the remedy addressed her chronic fatigue, consistent nausea and feeling of not being present to her studies. This relief came within a month of taking the remedy, twenty years after the incident!

Homeopathy has a reputation for restoring well being such as in Marlene’s case. What other method of medicine do you know that antidotes a poison to this degree and removes the toxin so thoroughly that it reaches back into the past and sets a sufferer in order physically and mentally? Homeopathy is medicine of rational thought. It has become Marlene’s medicine of choice. An invitation into the world of homeopathy is an opportunity to breathe freely, without side effects and interference with true health.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

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