Cricket IPL – K-10 T-20 Tip Part 8

Ethel Gonzales

On 26 April 2008, Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket 11th match is being played at Chennai and the enormous response of spectators in such a scorching heat is very encouraging not only for Indians but a very good sign for cricket fans the world over. I must complement the Indians farsightedness and wisdom of Mr Lalit Modi who had been the moving force behind the entire theory of Kapil Daa. The innovative idea of Kapil to infuse new life in cricket and give out maximum exposure to most of the youngsters in the national cricket format has paved the way for BCCI to copy his format and launch the IPL with Money Barron and Baronesses (MBB).

The applauses and joy this format is offering to spectator is far greater than any the cricket match witnessed so far. The impulsive crowd nature and revengeful attitude of Indians, Pakistanis, Aussies or Englishmen is not visible but everyone is applauding the performance of a player irrespective of his nationality.

I proudly say the Secular India is making Secular Cricket on its soil where only end means the business and not the nationality. Any how I offer certain tips to new and bubling younger players who have to make a niche in the game to survive against diehard aged elders whose Skill and Stamina of Elders (SASE) is beyond apprehension. The most of the time prove old is gold.

Kalpna’s 10 Cricket Tips (KT-10T) for youngsters to succeed in twenty-20 format are

“One, No full toss ball in first three and last two over;

“Two; Control over pitch;

“Three; one bouncer per over is must;

“Four; No to no ball;

“Five; No try but bowler to ensure at no cost give a leg side wide;

“Six; No speed if no control therefore maintain pace with accuracy;

“Seven; Learn to Trimming Ball Release (TBR). The TBR is a new technique of bowling. In this technique a bowler is taught to release every alternate ball with nearly half or two third speed of the previous ball. With an inward swing. The seam of ball is released at the angulated point of nearly 30 degree angle of shoulder blade and arm. I have observed that the ball after striking ground gets moved nearly double the speed of release and makes play not difficult but just impossible. Every TBR ball release would give a bold or Leg Before Wicket to bowler;

“Eight; Sensible bowling with zeal. I have seen in all the 11 matches of IPL that most of the fast bowlers loose sense of direction with pace. I am of the vies that in IPL type format there is no corrective time as every bowler has to just do four over.

“Nine; Good length is the need of game and the player has

“Ten; AMW. My most important tip to younger bowlers is that Aim Mid Wicket (AMW). Any bowler, who follows this tip, he would be most successful in the Twnety-20 (T-20). This technique was taught by Mr Som Prakash Sharma to some youngster in remote rural areas in seventies.

The T-20 format has raised the expectations of Cricket Fans (CF) world over. The
new format has given a fresh type of entertainments, which is now days of prime importance. I have surveyed and found that over 99 % youths get released from stress while even thinking about T-20 cricket climax of last three overs. It has also made people to believe that T-20 had an edge over slow dragging test matches of over five days. I once again thank Kapil Daa and hope the BCCI revengeful attitude would cease after success of IPL based on the theory of Indian Cricket Leave (ICL). If Kapil Daa would have not revolted and formed ICL, the BCCI old die hard spirit of dragging feet would have never come to en end. World over CF would share my view and hope that IPL and ICL raise the Cricket as a game and not as Arc Rival Cricket Leagues (ARCL). If BCCI do not mend its approach, it would harm the game in Toto.

Do my readers share their views as well? I hope most of them do; but sometimes
fanatics take it to too extreme to bring bad name to the game. The cheer leaders, their dress, nationality and style have become an eyesore of Traditional Indian Way of Life (TIWL). I believe that there is nothing wrong but the dress code needs to suit TIWL. These Cheer Leader girls are from humble and respectable families. How can one suspect their profession as vulgar and prevent them earning their livelihood. I do not agree to stop but hope BCCI and ICC would amend rules to give these struggling girls to earn and survive in highly materialistic Sex Oriented World of Men (SOWM).

How SOWM reacts and analyze the female dominated activities is an issue; and style of TIWL leaders either to encash the issue politically or exploit CF local support. I strongly condemn such stands and try to call it Sick Sex Mentality (SSM) outside the preview of business world. I ask narrow minded political TIWL to reply my following observations;

One; Are cloth worn by Cheer Girls are far vulgar than most of the Indian Silver Screen Item Girls (ISSIG). I sometimes feel ashamed to sit and watch most of the Indian so called pop songs and dress codes of ISSIG.

Two; How Indian song directors repeatedly focus their camera on leg, thighs, waist, abdomen and jerking hips of item girls; does not make a TIWL issue to politicians?

Three; Yes I agree rather than still showing Sick Indian Mentality of Foreign Flesh (SIMFF) to be curbed and give Indian Cheer Girls (ICG) an opportunity to earn their livelihood with honor.

Four; how could one curb entertainment of CF all over the world?

I would debate my most fearsome worries of baiting in the game and its hidden
players. As per media reports the first match has invited over rupees 700 Crores baiting market and hoped to increase further. The hype of this format must have already drawn the four most known bulls nicknamed (WIBU)’:-

“First; White Coat Opportunists (WCO). These are people who show large advertisement losses to make up black money and turn into white.

“Second; Illegal money launderers;

“Third; Black marketers; and

“Fourth; Underworld gangster.

There role of BCCI and ICC in preventing money laundering would an Herculean
task and also the Indian Taxmen who need to count every ticket sold off the counter or booking of entire stadiums. T-20 has become the most exciting Money Minting Arena of Game (MMAG).

Is Rahul boys lost guns or guts need Mallya replies on unsrumountable capability of Rock wall of Indian Cricket Team. How can one ignor such a successful captain.

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