Different Types Of Gears Produced By Rugby Uniform Manufacturers

Ethel Gonzales

Uniforms are an important part of any team. The uniforms that the athletes wear help in identifying them during games and also bring a sense of unity. The kind and type of sports uniform are different for every sport.

Rugby is a very aggressive sport. And therefore unlike other contact sports, rugby players are seen to be wearing minimum gear. Rugby players wear uniforms that can withstand the abrasion of grabbing and tackling. Let’s have a look at the few gears that needs to be worn by the rugby players.


Like any other sports, rugby players need to wear jerseys. The only difference being the fact that their jerseys usually have collars. They were traditionally made of cotton but are these days made up of material that is breathable. These jerseys are very colorful and have a number which helps in identifying the player and his position. The players are supposed to tuck their jerseys in their shorts during the game. The jerseys these days can be custom-made by the rugby uniform manufacturer.


The shorts are specially designed to be worn by rugby players and were traditionally made up of cotton. Rugby uniform manufacturers design it in such a way that it is able to withstand the strains of the aggressive contact game. They end above the knees generally and fit tightly around the waist.


Rugby socks are long socks that are similar to the ones worn in soccer. These knee-high socks cover the shins and calves perfectly. They are made so to avoid blisters during the game.

Mouth Guard

Mouth guards offer protection to the teeth, jaws, head and neck from injuries that are common in the game. A mouth guard fits perfectly over the teeth and jaws and protects them from damage. A good mouth guard will prevent damage to the jaw, neck and even brain from a heavy blow which is very common in contact games.

Scrum Caps

Scrum cap is a headgear worn by rugby players to protect their ears and head in the scrum. It is specially designed for players who play in the scrum. But, these days it is worn by players of all positions. It is basically a slightly padded helmet that fits tightly over the head and ears. It is necessary for the player playing in the scrum. Other than that many players prefer to wear it while others do not.

Shoulder pads

A rugby player may or may not wear a shoulder pad. It is made up of thin and soft material. It is supposed to be incorporated in the jersey worn by the player and cover the shoulder and the collarbone. It helps in minimizing the impact of a hit and protects the shoulders from any soft tissue damage.

The rugby uniforms can be made according to what a person wants. One can even get a custom logo designed. And can choose the fabric of the uniform. Make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable to wear and provides adequate protection.

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