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Ethel Gonzales

A number of cricket lovers quarrel regarding the point that a bat is a vital cricket equipment. Making runs is not possible without a bat. In this case, the encounter between batter and bowler is will not be there. Since, it has highly influenced the game through the years, we though that we will understand the evolution of cricket bats.

Today, cricket lovers can date back the first cricket bats in the year 1624. However, at that time, a bat looked like a hockey stick. There is a sad story about an ill-fated fielder. When he tried to catch a ball after being hit by the batsman, he was severely hit in the head.

Since the first fatality, in the four hundred years, other occasion with bats were termed as share of injuries. In December 2007, another fatal event took place.

Just during ancient times of the match, there were no guidelines set to characterize the material, size and dimension of the cricket bat that should be used. During that time, cricketers threw underhand. At present, there is a strict standard for cricket bats. The blade of the bat should be about 108 mm wide and its total length should be 970 mm or even less.

there is still no set guidelines regarding the weight of the cricket bat. However, on an average, the weight of the bat ranges between1.4 and 1.4 kg . Strangers to the sport might think the bats look more like paddles or short oars, but the amount of science, engineering, and craftsmanship involved in modern bat design is extensive.

during the early 1800s willow came to be identified as the ideal bat making wood while round-arm bowling was considered as a rule and not as any exceptional move. The similar wood’s bark powder has been blustered in the history to be used as the remedy for fever. A particular hybrid known as cricket bat willow is cultivated today, in order to produce bats.

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