Fitness Routines – What is Fitness?

Ethel Gonzales

The definition of fitness involves good physical condition; being in shape or in condition. It follows then that a fitness routine is one that promotes or enhances good physical condition. This article will attempt to further define what fitness is as well as it’s benefits.

Fitness involves increased physical activity. This increase in physical activity causes your heart to work at a higher level. When your heart is working harder it is getting stronger and more efficient. Exercise also works your lungs harder. It forces you to draw in more oxygen which helps tissue growth and good heart function.

There are more benefits to exercise. One includes raising your good cholesterol (HDL). Consistent exercise helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels as well as converting stored fats into sugars. These will provide energy to the body.

A good fitness routine also offers these benefits: increase muscle mass, toned muscles, improved skin tone, increased strength, balance and improved endurance. It can also improve your concentration and mental attitude.

Several of our body systems are directly affected by exercise. The types of exercises that we do will dictate what system if emphasized the most. For example if you want to stress your cardiovascular system then you have to do aerobic type activities. Muscles and joints will be affected more by weight training. To develop greater balance and flexibility you need to shift your focus towards exercises that promote lengthening your muscles or practicing greater control. The good news is that many of the exercises that you do will involve more than one system so your efforts will benefit several areas of your body.

You don’t have to kill yourself either to experience these benefits. You can train with minimal daily effort, say 30 minutes per day and see dramatic effects over time. But you have to stick with it and be consistent.

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