Fix My Ugly Credit – Effective Tips For Fixing Ugly Credit Score Problems the Right Way

Ethel Gonzales

Need Some Help With Your FICO Score?

Most people do not realize that they have bad credit and low FICO scores until they are put in a spot where they cannot afford to have them. This usually comes right after the banker or lender tells you they cannot borrow to you for something you desperately need. It is then that you probably will utter to yourself I need to fix my ugly credit fast!

Tips To Fix Ugly Credit The Right Way

Examine Yourself – The cold hard truth is that unless you had a major life crisis like a a medical emergency or job loss your credit can only be bad for two reasons, you either have to much debt or you are careless with your bills. You need to ask yourself why you are in the situation you are in and figure out ways to never repeat that same behavior.

Get Smart About Your Money – Regardless if you have to much debt or have been careless you need to come up with and stick to a budget. Just sit down with all your monthly bills including things like food and gas and add them all up., Subtract from your income and see whats left over. From that amount you need to save some, use some to pay off debt faster and the rest is for you to enjoy.

Examine Your Credit Report – Chances are there is some information on your credit report that will be damaging your FICO scores. You need to purchase a copy of your most recent report and look it over and take note of the negative accounts as well as any information stated on there that is false. This is a critical step because you have the legal right to dispute any of the items which are listed. This will help get them removed from the report which can help boost your scores very quickly.

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