Golf Fitness Workouts – It’s Never Too Late

Ethel Gonzales

Is it ever too late for golf fitness workouts? Many a senior golfer would not resist the temptation to skip golf fitness workouts, using their age as an excuse. And at first glance age would seem to be a genuine excuse to avoid them.

After all golf fitness workouts, as most people seem to believe, are supposed to be very strenuous programs where even dumb bells are used.

So how do you tell that you are too old for golf fitness workouts?

The answer to that question is really simple. If you are too old to play golf then you are probably too old for golf fitness workouts.

I regularly work with 80 year old golfers who comfortably go through golf fitness workouts, dumb bells and all. It is also probably appropriate to add here at this juncture that I also regularly work with youngsters barely in their teens.

Both groups of persons are able to dramatically improve on their game with the help of golf fitness workouts.

Golf fitness workouts are not any more rigorous and punishing than the game of golf is. Remember that the work outs are golf specific, meaning that they are specifically designed to help strengthen and condition the very muscles used in golf.

It is definitely not a boxing or body building fitness workout. Workouts for those sports reflect the rigorous and physically demanding aspects of those sports. In the very same way that golf fitness workouts reflect the requirements of the game of golf.

The dumbbells are usually used for strength training because this is the most efficient equipment anywhere for building strength quickly hence their inclusion in the best golf fitness workout routines.

The idea is never to lift heavy weights over long periods of time. Rather the objective to condition and strengthen golf muscles using lighter weights lifted over very short periods of time.

If you are not too old or too young for golf, golf fitness workouts are for you.

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