Golfer Self-Talk Scripts for a Positive Mental Attitude, Motivation, and Golf Improvement

Ethel Gonzales

Self-talk is crucial to every golfer’s success. If you want to achieve more in golf than you have to learn how to talk to yourself in a positive way. Here’s why. Your self-talk and the words you use tell your subconscious mind what to focus on. This in turn creates mental images in the subconscious mind, and these mental images are what direct the body in how it is to perform on the shot. This is just one simple example of how your self-talk is either enhancing or hurting your play on the golf course. It is important to know that during the first 20 minutes of your day your subconscious mind is more receptive, open, and available to your suggestions than any other time. Use one of the self-talk scripts below to direct your mind to success, build self-esteem, and motivate yourself each day. Do this for 30 days and you will notice incredible positive changes in your golf game and in your life.

Motivation Self-Talk:
I, (INSERT NAME) am a golfer who has unlimited talent, skill, and ability. I am determined, disciplined, and focused on achieving all of my goals in golf. I have a great work ethic, I love putting in time on my game, and all my hard work pays off with better and better results on the golf course. I am motivated and excited to take my game to the next level of performance. I consistently take action each day to sharpen my skills and discover more of my unlimited potential. I am a fast learner and integrate new skills into my game seamlessly. It is easy for me to make positive changes and produce better results.

Each day I practice, I produce successful results or I learn new things that help me make progress. I am committed to excellence so I train my mind and body every day to be the best on the course. I am a champion and do the things that champions do. I am positive, focused, and motivated to succeed. I am committed, consistent, and confident. I am driven, determined, and dedicated to enhancing my game. I am excited and enthusiastic to achieve all of my goals.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I am fully committed to developing the skills that bring forth my greatness on the course.

Positive Mental Attitude Self-Talk Script:
I, (INSERT NAME) am an empowered golfer who is full of confidence, optimism, and excitement. I know that a positive mental attitude is a key ingredient to success and I am committed to being the most positive golfer each and every time on the course. On the golf course, I am my own motivator and booster. I constantly encourage myself to greater and greater success. My positive self-talk fuels my confidence and keeps me performing at my highest level. I am inspired and energized on the course by my positive thoughts. I am committed to being the most positive golfer on the course at all times.

I make the decision to handle adversity in a positive way and use my self-talk to keep me confident, fearless, and determined. This makes me unstoppable on the course, a fierce competitor, and a high level performer. Positive thoughts produce positive results so I make the commitment to being the most positive golfer on the course every time out and I succeed.

Champion Self-Talk Script
I, (INSERT NAME) am a born winner. I am a champion through and through. I think, act, walk, talk, and perform like a champion. I believe in myself. I believe in my game. I believe that I have the power to achieve all of my goals because I am a winner, a champion, victorious in all ways. I take great pride in being the best me that I can be. I cultivate my gifts, talents, and skills on a daily basis. I do what the champions do and I succeed in surprising and wonderful ways. I am mentally tough, my body is strong and powerful. I am in control of my thoughts and emotions, and I perform every shot in the zone. I have the game to dominate every course I play. I am a champion who conquers every hole by making confident swings and fearless putts. I can do anything I set my mind to and achieve my goals because that is what a winner does.

Every day I get better, more motivated, and more successful. I am determined to always be at my best and take action each day to make my dreams a reality. Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I am committed to being my best.

Confident Swing Self-Talk
I, (INSERT NAME) have an excellent golf swing that is getting better and better every day. The moment I grip any club, I feel surges of confidence, empowerment, and determination flowing through all parts of my mind and body. I am extremely confident with every club and I know I have the skills to execute any shot on the course. I know I can execute every shot because I have perfect muscle memory of my best swing and I trust it. My confidence and trust in my swing gives me the power to perform without conscious effort. I let my subconscious mind produce my smooth, perfect, and effortless swing on every shot. When I address the ball, my mind is calm, focused on success, and my body follows through perfectly. My awesome swing produces precise, accurate, and successful results. With every swing of my club my confidence grows and grows and grows.

I have the power to make the correct adjustments when needed which allows me to consistently perform in the zone. Every time I grip any club, my best swing simply flows out of me and I love the results it produces. I am confident from tee to green and with all clubs, because my subconscious mind produces my best swing consistently on the course. I trust my swing, I trust all the hard work, and I trust my mind and body to execute in the perfect way. I have an awesome swing that is getting better and better every day.

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