How Do You Lose Inches Off Your Waist? – 4 Proven Tips That Will Melt Fat From Your Waistline Fast

Ethel Gonzales

So how do you lose inches off your waist? The waistline is one of the problem areas for both male and females. By following the 4 tips in this article you can achieve your weight loss goal and use the tips to keep the weight off for good.

~ How Do You Lose Inches Off Your Waist? ~

Tip # 1) Water, water, water – One of the key and most under rated fundamentals of losing inches and fat is to drink lots of filtered water. Why should you do this? Well, first of all water will flush out all the unwanted toxins from your system that can slow down the inch loss process. Secondly, its really important that you keep your organs functioning properly as they play a hugely important part in burning fat. Aim to consume at least 10 – 16 glasses of water every single day.

Tip # 2) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – Steady state cardio is now classed as old school and ineffective compared to today’s HIIT cardio sessions. Research shows that HIIT can boost your metabolism up to 18 hours after a session. Studies also claim that it can burn fat up to 9 times faster than regular long and boring steady state cardio. All you need to do is warm up and then do 20 – 30 minutes at a time 3 -5 times per week for amazing results.

Tip # 3) Eat 5 – 7 Times A Day – Boost your metabolism and inch loss by eating little and often. Every time you eat your metabolic rate gets a kick. Work out how many hours you are awake each day and divide that number by 6. The answer is then how often you need to eat. For those hectic days and when you are at work make full use of protein shakes (low carb ones) and protein bars and nuts etc for convenience.

Tip # 4) Keep Your Sugars Low – Did you know that its not just fat that puts on weight its also the sugar and carb content in foods and drink? You should be eating foods in the low glycemic range which have low sugar content. Plus they give you the added bonus of a slow release energy rather than an instant boost of sugar you get from sweets and chocolate etc. This is a key factor in your “how do you lose inches of your waist?” programme.

So how do you lose inches off your waist? Start applying these 4 tips today into your daily routine. Then continually educate yourself on exercise, nutrition and eating plans and add to your routine to keep your waist slim for life.

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