How To Get a High Score In The TOEIC Test

Ethel Gonzales

The TOEIC test is used worldwide as a means of evaluating the English listening and reading skills of non-native speakers. It is mainly focused on assessing the Business English abilities of the learners and contains extensive business terms and contemporary business issues. Increasingly, students in many countries all over the world are attempting the TOEIC test to demonstrate their English Language competencies. Of course, obtaining a high score in the TOEIC test can be a huge boost to your career development and justify your commitment to the workplace. So, how can you get a high score in this test and excel more than others?

1. It is important to increase your vocabulary, and especially learn business terminology and concepts.

For this, it can be helpful to read the business news page of renowned newspapers and magazines. Try to learn at least twenty new words each day and to make sentences by using those words so that you will remember them well. You can write down the new words in small slips of paper and read them many times a day while you are commuting to work or school.

2. Take a TOEIC practice test each day under time restrictions.

You can buy a TOEIC CD or listen to a test online and attempt the questions regularly. This will familiarize you with the question format and prepare you for the test effectively. After trying a few tests, you will identify your weak areas in the test. Try more questions in your weak area in order to improve your knowledge in that section. For example, if you find that Incomplete Sentences are more difficult, try more questions in that style before taking the actual test. It is also essential to enhance your knowledge in English Grammar rules before the test.

3. When you are attempting the questions in the listening section of the test, try to listen to the most important information.

Understand key elements such as the purpose of the conversation, who is involved in the conversation, where and when it is done. Listen carefully and learn to analyze the information quickly as you can listen to a question only one time in the test.

4. When you are trying the reading comprehensions in the test, it is a good idea to read the questions first before reading the actual content of the article.

The TOEIC test contains many questions and students often complain that there is insufficient time to attempt all the questions. Therefore, gain an understanding of the questions and search for the answers while you are reading the article. This will enable you to know what exactly to look for in the article.

5. Sleep well and eat a balanced diet on the day before the test.

Be calm at the exam hall and have confidence that you can achieve a high score in the test. These TOEIC guidelines can help you to achieve a high score in the test.

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