Keep Track Of Your Points With Woods Beads And A Homemade Score Track

Ethel Gonzales

If you play a lot of tabletop card games such as Magic the Gathering or other games that have similar gameplay, you will understand the important of accurately keeping score of your movements. One way that you can keep track of your score is to use wood beads, and move them along a score track.

Although beginner Magic sets normally come with a score track, many players are forced to create their own, because the tracks which are provided are very flimsy and can break after just a few short uses. If these tracks are just a piece of paper, it is unlikely that it will come with any kind of marker to mark the player’s position on the score track. Part of the idea behind this is that you should be able to play the game anywhere you want, as long as you have your deck with you, so that you do not have to carry around lots of extra components with you. However, without the track, it can be very hard to keep track of the score, especially when the score is able to move up and down.

If your game did not come with a score track, if you don’t have a score track with you, or if your track got damaged, it is very simple to create a new one, by simply drawing all of the necessary numbers on a piece of paper. When drawing your own, it is a good idea to put sufficient space between each of the numbers, so that if your track marker gets knocked slightly, it will still be easy to work out which of the spaces the marker was on. Drawing your own track is also an excellent idea if you are playing a game where it is possible to go well above the normal starting value. If your score gets higher than expected, you can easily add more points to the track to make it even easier to know how well you are doing.

Once you have created your score track, it is possible to use wood beads to mark your current position. If your points increase, you can move the bead up the score track, if you lose points, you can move it down the track. Plenty of different colors of wood beads are available, so they are the perfect thing to use as points markers, because each player can have a different color. Wood beads are also very small and lightweight, so it is very easy to carry them around with you in your wallet, so you will always be able to use them, if you decide to have an impromptu game. This is especially useful if you always play with the same bead. Some people will soon find their own “lucky” marker, and choose to play with that one, whenever they can. Of course, these beads are not the only options that are available to you, and you may choose other markers if you prefer.

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