Looking After Your Cricket Bats

Ethel Gonzales

In Britain, cricket is a very popular game among other games. Two teams are involved in this game. They have a team of 11 players. The game of cricket is loved worldwide. In countries like India and Pakistan, it is considered as a ‘religion’. Cricket involves just two simple gears that include bats and balls. Other equipment include stumps and sightscreen. The game also has some equipment necessary for the safety of cricketers. These include helmets, batting gloves, mouthpiece and wicket keeping gloves.

Cork base is used to make the cricket balls, which are then covered with twine. Finally, it is covered with white or red leather on top. Another significant equipment of cricket is bats. It is significant to understand that cricket bats require maintenance even before and after the game.

It may come as a surprise to you that even a new bat needs to be looked after. It is essential to note here that before the bat is used on the field, it has to be prepared for the game. Cricket bats should be used for knocking down shots before these are actually used on the fields. It will safeguard it against damage. You should follow certain procedure before using bats for full swing. This will provide better results.

Linseed oil is beneficial to grease the cricket bat. You should coat it and allow the bat to soak its goodness for a few hours. Then you should put another coat of oil on it. However, you should ensure that there is not excessive oil on the bat.

The next step is to hit a wooden knocking mallet on the bat for about 10-15 times, you will notice few dents but it is quite normal. Ensure that you are not hitting the wooden mallet on the back of cricket bat, use the wooden knocking mallet, and they are available in many sport equipment stores at affordable price. Repeat the session of knocking with the wooden mallet for about 10-15 times for a number of days until the bat has received minimum of about 3-4 hours of knocking session. It is important to remember that you grease the bat before every knocking session begins with linseed oil.

You should hit the edges of the bat with the help of knocking mallet until it becomes round in shape. It is significant that you care for your bat before the final matches. Thereby, it is advised that you should use the cricket bat for practicing before you use it on the ground for final match.

Bats are valuable equipments and your match performance depends a lot on the kind of cricket bats that you use. Hence, adequate maintenance of cricket bats is of vital importance particularly before you start using it.

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