Lower Your Golf Score With Easy To Implement Golf Putting Tips

Ethel Gonzales

One of the most important aspects of your game and one that can make a real difference to lowering your golfing score is to improve your putting. Naturally, one of the best ways to do this is to practice and apply all of the putting tips that you have learned until they make a real difference to your game. Perhaps one of the most important and basic steps to get right is your stance. Your feet should not be set too wide. Many golf professionals think that your feet should not be any wider than the width of your shoulders. You should also not be too far away from the ball; instead you should be close enough that your back can be fairly straight when you take the shot. Your weight should also be slightly weighted towards your leading foot and you should also be fairly relaxed when you make the shot.

When you grip the club it is usually a good idea to use your normal grip rather than trying to have a special putting grip, as you will be more used to this type of grip instead of attempting to learn a new putting grip. This also means that you will be less distracted by a new grip when making the shot. However, it is a good idea to grip the club more lightly than you usually would when making a longer shot because this will give you better control of the club and of the shot that you are attempting to make.

You also need to make sure that you have placed the ball in the right position so that you can make the shot without the position adversely affecting the line of your golf shot. Many professionals recommend that you put it between your leading foot and the center of the position where you are standing. This means that the club will be straight and not moving to either side when you swing it. This may not apply if the shot that you are making is further away and needs a better swing.

If you get your stance right, grip the club lightly and position the ball well, then you have a much better chance of making a good putt. Of course, it is really the practice that will make your golf game better. However, you really do need to know the basics well and then practice until your game starts to improve. As you can imagine, putting practice is not so much fun as the driving range but it is a great way to improve your game and make it more fun for you.

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