My Free Fitness Home Gym

Ethel Gonzales

For years I had set a goal of working out and getting in shape. I looked into joining a gym and was horrified by the prices they were charging. And when I looked into more affordable gyms, I was disappointed in the services they offered, or more accurately, didn’t offer.

My fitness kept getting pushed further down on my to do list until I finally gave myself an ultimatum of now or never. I decided to give up the idea of working out at a gym and started researching home exercise equipment, but the cost was astronomical. Who can afford those bulky all in one multi gyms? Certainly not me.

I felt dejected by the whole situation and nearly gave up on the whole thing. But a friend saved the day by reminding me that even doing the laundry is exercise. She got me thinking about all the things around my home that I could use to workout.

I started by taking my discarded laundry detergent bottles and using them as free weights. Depending on how heavy I wanted them, I would fill them with different amounts of water.

For cardiovascular exercises, I started doing trips up and down my house’s stairs and going for walks. Who needs a stair climber or treadmill when you have the real deal?

I also realized that there are television channels literally dedicated to showing home exercise shows. Since I was already paying for cable, I felt like they were free in a way. I was just finally taking advantage of them. The variety of exercise shows is fantastic and I really responded well to actually having someone tell me what to do. It really felt like a gym workout.

For the first time in my life, I feel legitimately healthy and fit without putting out any money at all. I felt really proud of myself and hope you can follow my advice and take your health into your own hands. Believe me, it is worth it.

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