Natural Depression Cure – Real Mental Health For Life

Ethel Gonzales

Many people ignore that our dreams are very important and contain wise messages that we must learn how to translate, in order to understand them. Everyone can find real mental health that lasts for life by following the guidance they receive from the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

Dream interpretation is a very obscure matter and until today nobody could clearly explain to everyone the real meaning of dreams. Thanks to the continuation of the research of the psychiatrist Carl Jung, who managed to decipher the code for the perfect translation of the dream messages, I can provide you today practical proof that this translation is accurate and I can show you much more than my teacher, Carl Jung, who was only beginning to understand the mystery of dreams.

Dream therapy is free and safe psychotherapy through dream translation. You only have to learn the dream language in order to understand the guidance of your natural psychologist: the wise unconscious mind that knows everything about you and your life, and regulates the functionalism of your body and of the entire nature of our planet.

The wise brain that produces your dreams has a saintly nature and you can trust its directions, because they will help you acquire real mental health, by eliminating your negative side and transforming it into a positive part of your conscience.

This is how your depression will disappear completely and you’ll be transformed in a happy and self-confident person.

While all other methods that promise to help you fight against your depression cannot explain anything about the nature of your suffering, and they cannot guarantee that you will really find your mental health, and even less guarantee that your health will last for life, the scientific method of dream interpretation is a miraculous solution that:

1. Gives you many explanations about the origin and the causes of your depression, besides showing you how to solve all your problems,

2. Guarantees that you are safe while following the wise guidance of the unconscious mind, while you can never really trust the subjective methods of many doctors,

3. Guarantees that your depression will disappear and you will keep your mental health and happiness for life.

Depression is only the first stage of the conflict that begins with the domination of the wild side of your conscience in the conscious field.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a real revelation, because your dreams reflect everything that is happening in your mind, heart and body, besides showing you what is happening with your life, the influence of other people on your behavior and many things more.

This is guaranteed psychotherapy for all cases, because depression has a positive side: it is a natural warning to your inner being. You have to open your eyes and transform your life, you cannot keep living the way you do.

Depression is your invitation to take action and start solving all the problems of your life, which are killing you, besides finding answers to all your questions.

The unconscious mind will give you real solutions in your dreams.

Once you learn the dream language and you start following the wise guidance you receive in your dreams, you’ll learn how to interpret everything that happens with you in your daily life the same way you interpret dreams, and this way have information about the reality where you are and the future, thanks to all the signs of reality that you’ll know how to interpret, without even sleeping and dreaming.

You first of all have to learn the dream language so that you may understand the symbolism of reality, the same way that you’ll understand the symbolism of dreams.

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