Online Dating Tips For Facebook – How to Score a Beautiful Woman Without Looking Like You’re Trying

Ethel Gonzales

You already know that Facebook is hands down the best social networking site. This is due to the extraordinary amount of women-most of them are actually glued to their Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that you should be. To score a beautiful woman on Facebook you have to take a very specific route because it is NOT a dating site, and should not be treated as one. Here are some stellar tips that will land you one of the hotties you’ve been drooling over on Facebook.

1. Prepare Your Page

To attract a hottie on FB you have to have a profile that makes you look like you have friends and you’re funny. This means a slew of people writing on your wall, a reasonable amount of photos (10 or more) and friends. To gain more friends, exhaust all of the people you know, and then go to their friends-you’re bound to find people that you’ve met out and about and they will accept your request. Your photos should follow the same rules as online dating: you doing something cool like climbing a mountain, you in a suit, you with a beer “cheers-ing” your friends, and maybe a nice moody one for good measure. The good thing about FB is that you can control what photos are shown and which are not.

2. Be Witty.

FB allows you to show these hotties how funny you are before you even interact with them. Your status updates should be funny and witty, never serious or boring. Don’t ever put that you’re going to work, about to shower or any other boring activity. Instead put things like “Time to Get Happy! Happy Hour at Green’s;) ” OR “…is the reason the glaciers are melting” etc. if you have trouble being witty then Google “funny FB status” and you’ll find some gems. Do not update your status more than once a day. Fill out your personal info and about me section in a light and funny way-never serious. Remember this is not a dating site! It is a chance to show off how clever you are. Example: For your favorite quotes, put the funniest movies quotes that you like. A real catch will comment on how she loves that movie too.

3. Request with an Agenda

Now that your profile is in maximum attraction form, you are ready to hunt for hotties. Go to your friends, scroll through all of their friends and when a hottie pops up, friend request her and add this message: “Hey (Annie!) great meeting you at the Art Walk last week! Hope you’re well” When she gets this message she will most likely accept the request then write you a message like “You have the wrong person” to which you reply “That’s what I get for Facebooking on my phone’s screen:/ sorry about that – how do you know (mutual friend)? And you can take it from there. Don’t bring up the Art Walk again.

4. Chatty Chat Chat

Once you’ve done this with all of your friends’ friends, you will built up a roster of hotties. Sure, some of them will deny your request or blow you off-it’s a numbers game like everything else in life. Some of them will happily accept, focus on them. Go into your chat and click on the new friend. Start off the chat with something like “You’re bored at work too!” OR “I’d think you had better things to do on a _____ night than FB;) ” Online chat, whether it’s AIM, Yahoo Messenger or any of the above has one purpose: to build sexual tension. This is achieved by playfully teasing her and always taking twice as long as she does to respond to your chats. Check out her profile, see what she is into, and remember you can always talk about your mutual friend and how funny/cool they are, etc.

5. Move in for the Kill

Once you’ve chatted a few times and maybe written on her wall for good measure, it’s time to take things to the next level: get her phone number. The best way to go about this is to have something in mind that you know she would like. Example: She likes Katy Perry, chat or message her that your friend gave you some Katy Perry tickets and no one you know likes her, does she have any interest in going? Or if she likes playing pool tell her you and some friends are going out to X bar where they have the best pool tables in town and you want to know if she “just talks the talk or if she can walk the walk;) ” However you choose to initiate, make it about one of her interests and she won’t feel uncomfortable giving you her number because you’ve built a rapport.

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