Rotator Cuff Muscle Injury Can Lead to Increased Suicide Attempts

Ethel Gonzales

A rotator cuff muscle injury usually involves injury to one of the four muscles in the shoulder. It can be acute (i.e. someone taking a fall) or chronic (where the injury progresses over time, while the person does repetition of overhead movements) or tendinitis (where the muscle just wears out with age). Acute tears are common in weight lifters and those who fall down and try to cushion their fall. Chronic tears on the other hand happen to people who are involved in occupations where they do a lot of overhead activity (i.e. painters or baseball players). Some sports have an added risk, i.e. golf rotator cuff injury is quite common since it’s a sport where one goes all on a lot of swings.

The injury usually occurs in the dominant arm of men over 40. The pain will usually prevent the person from sleep, with pain gradually getting worse. Most people will not be able to resume doing the same activities that got them injured. Tendinitis is more common in women aged 35-50, once again pain comes on gradually and gets worse every day.

The reason this injury can lead to suicide, is because many people suffering the injury experience the pain getting worse every single day. They can’t think straight because they can’t get a good night’s sleep. And they feel hopeless since they can no longer do a lot of the activities which they enjoyed doing before. There is also the side effect that there is no permanent treatment, you can’t just do a few rotator cuff injury stretches and have it go away. There is no exercise for rotator cuff injury, the pain is permanent. And a lot of the drugs that are used for treatment for rotator cuff injury have suicidal thoughts as a side effect.

If you think suicide is nothing to worry about, you need to know that more than 1.1 million people attempt suicide every year just in United States alone. 1 out of 14 Americans will even know someone who has committed suicide during the last year alone. Worldwide it’s even worse, there are over 20 million suicide attempts made every year worldwide…that’s more or less the entire population of Australia attempting to kill themselves every year.

So as you can see suicide is a real threat, so if you know someone who had a rotator cuff muscle injury, make sure to learn all the suicide warning signs so that you’ll know if the person is at risk of attempting suicide. If you yourself had a rotator cuff injury make sure you provide a suicide warning signs guide to someone you see on a daily basis, so that they can help save your life at a later date. Remember, you might not feel suicidal now, but cuff rotator injury is a progressive problem, your condition will get worse and worse, until you reach a point at which you will consider suicide. Better to be safe than sorry.

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