The 3 P’s Formula For Success

Ethel Gonzales

Although each of us might define personal success in somewhat different terms, we would all probably agree that success was an achievement – oriented, goal – centered, forward looking process that was the result of doing something and getting certain results. Therefore, if we assume that success is related to a final result of prospering (either emotionally, financially, personally, in leadership, etc.), then we can simplify the defining terms of success into a success or prospering formula. That 3 P’s formula can be stated as Prosper (success) equals planning plus persisting plus producing (Prosper = Plan + Persist + Produce). Although this formula may sound simple, we need to look more closely to understand why achieving success is so sought after but rarely attained.

1. If we wish for better than average results, everything we do and care about must always begin with an emphasis on planning. Many individuals believe that they do exactly this, and will tell others that they plan carefully, but generally their planning is at best incomplete and inadequate. Thorough planning is the result of the mastering of, and devotion to, a planning process. This process begins with an evaluative or analytical step or phase, where needs, goals, and reality are all looked at seriously and priorities are created. The process (another P) demands prioritizing (another P), so that we dedicate our energies and resources properly and keep our eyes and attention focused on what is most needed, etc. Planning is not simply a process, but continues with the development of an action plan, and thus creating a step – by – step strategy, with contingency plans for implementation of what we decide is most needed.

2. Even if our planning is near perfect, things happen, and we need to adapt to be successful. Far too many people try hard initially, but are unwilling to persist after a disappointment. Obviously, those with persistence on top of their planned vision, will have a far better success ratio than those that permit disappointments to defeat them.

3. All the planning and all the persistence will still translate into less than optimal results unless we commit to producing an end result or end product that is in accord with our original vision and goals. Producing means always focusing on what one is trying to achieve and continuing to do whatever is necessary to get a certain result.

This simple formula is only simple when one focuses on all the parts or ingredients. One can’t pick and choose, and select those bits and pieces he likes or is comfortable with. It is essential to remember that success comes as a result of a disciplined step – by – step process.

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