Want to Be the Next Nathan Fyfe? Train Hard and Dare to Dream

Ethel Gonzales

There is a celebrated saying that there is science behind the making of everything and training balls are no exception to that. This is a sport that’s been played for several decades across several countries. Filled with thrill, passion, and intensity, it gives colossal delight while watching 15 players on every side tussle with each other over the ball to score a goal. The alone is enough to give Goosebumps.

AFL – One of the most trending leagues around

Most people have an affinity towards some sport or the other. Be it tennis, cricket, football, rugby or racing; every person is passionate about something or the other. Needless to say, if you are an Australian, you are already aware of what AFL is. Since its inception, Australian Football League has been the reference point of rugby for the Australians.

Nathan Fyfe – Most Prestigious Individual 2015

Born on 18th September 1991, he started his AFL career by making his Fremantle debut against Richmond Tigers and emerged as a rising star by getting nominated for the AFL Rising Star award in 2010. Since then, he has taken giant leaps forward by helping Fremantle make its first AFL Grand Final appearance in 2013. For many who aspire to be a professional player, Nathan Fyfe is an inspiration.

But inspiration alone is not enough because, for any sports person, practice and expertise are the main things. If you just aspire to be a footballer and don’t train, you are only fooling yourself. Rugby is a physical sport and for that you need to have the right physique in addition to having the necessary skills like ball control, attacking and defending.

Why is training imperative before setting out on the field?

If you follow the interviews of eminent players like Nat Fyle, Patrick Dangerfield, and Todd Goldstein, you will come to know that none of them started playing this sport directly on the field. They practiced and practiced at their home with a dummy ball until they were confident of stepping into the field. Without that confidence, it can be disastrous for anyone to play the sport professionally.

Needless to say, we all know that this game is purely physical and what happens if you start playing it without much training? Well, it’ll be a couple of broken bones, fractured ribs, days in a hospital and a huge medical bill.

To avoid it, you have to ensure that you or your kids are properly trained and are equipped enough to play professionally.

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