Watch Cricket Online On Your Computer

Ethel Gonzales

As we all know, soccer is the world’s most popular sport. But I have always wondered: what is the closest second? You can bet the bank that the answer to that question is cricket. In case you don’t know, cricket is already the most popular sport in countries like Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, all the while emerging in places like England, some countries in the Caribbean and a few select African nations. You may be asking yourself then, why an American is interested in cricket? I mean, I should be sitting a boring baseball game right now cheering for the Yankees of New York, while eating a hot dog, right?

It’s quite simple really: I had a girlfriend not too long ago whose family was Indian. After watching hours of cricket matches with her brother and father before our dates, I suddenly fell in love with the sport moreso than I did her. Sadly, cricket is only offered on channels where you must pay to see each match or on Indian television stations, which do not broadcast in real time. I wondered if I could watch cricket online to make the games much easier to watch. I found many different websites that offered more of the same using the pay-per-match system, which does not work for me since I am on a budget. That was until I found Satellite TV for PC, a program that allowed me to finally watch cricket on the internet with no recurring fees. All I had to pay was a single start up fee and that was it. No monthly charge like a cable company and I don’t have to pay to see each inning.

You might be asking yourself, what do you get when you watch cricket online? Do you just get the highlights? Can you only see British matches? The answer to both of those is ‘No!’ You get everything you could ever ask for. I am able to see India vs. Pakistan in its entirety. I can watch every inning of the Cricket World Cup if I wanted to. I have found that ever since I found out how to watch cricket on the internet, I have become almost like a hermit or a recluse, only leaving my office to go to the bathroom and to eat. Cricket has suddenly become my addiction, but a good one at that. Then again, can you really blame me?

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