Why Losing Weight Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Fit

Ethel Gonzales

Hand balancing and other gymnastic moves were used by the old time strongmen like Eugen Sandow, Sig Klein and Otto Arco.  These physical masters were some of the strongest men to date, and they had the most ripped abs we have ever seen.  Some of their accomplishments in strength have yet to be matched.  What a lot of people do no realize is that these men used gymnastics and bodyweight moves to gain their freakish strength.

One of the movements most utilized today with wrestlers as well as many other athletes along with power lifters is the wall walk.  Essentially, you are walking on your hands and the full version takes you to the brink.  When you are first starting out, there are a lot of people who cannot or never have been able to get a full hand stand.  If you are one of these people, you are going to have to perfect that handstand before you can take on the challenge of the wall walk.  If you are already past the challenge of the regular hand stand, then you are ready to give wall walking a serious shot.

I will warn you that if you have any signs or symptoms of vertigo or dizziness on a regular basis, you will not want to attempt this at all.  Doing so could make your symptoms more recurrent or worse.  No one wants to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, get a dizzy spell and crash to the floor possibly hurting yourself, or worse.

Now let’s get down to the wall walk.  First, you will take the hand stand position against a wall.  From that point, you will walk your hands outward away from your body until your body is almost parallel to the floor.  To finish the walk, you will begin walking your feet back up the wall, and moving your hands back up as well, to return to the start position.

Keep in mind that you will want to keep your upper body as straight as you can trying not to protrude your chest or abdomen overly so.  Once you have made it all the way back up, congratulations, that was one rep. 

You will want to continue with as many reps as you desire, or maybe just till you collapse.  Laugh if you must, but doing enough of these will eventually make you collapse.

Building the huge upper body strength that you want with the elite levels of torso strength and helping to regulate your breathing, with wall walking you will, without a doubt, provide yourself with a truly harsh exercise while gaining the desire strength to compete.

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