A Gift Of Immense Value – Buying A Tag Heuer Sports Watch For A Loved One

Ethel Gonzales

When my son who was on vacation from college telephoned me long distance and said he would like to visit me to get some help to accompany him to select and purchase a Tag Heuer Sports Watch, I was not at all surprised. After all, Tag Heuer Sport Watches are well known for their quality and value.

So three days later, we headed off to the Watta Time Watch Shop and was greeted by the Sales Supervisor.

The first thing you should know in buying a Tag Heuer sports watch is that Tag Heuer watches come in different ranges. The brand Tag Heuer is synonymous with sports, and there were three ranges that were introduced to us. The first range was the Formula 1 sports range which did not appeal to us as they were far too rugged and looked really roughly made, then Year 2000 series which was being phased out and the new Aquaracer series.

The Aquaracer series appealed to us most. This range refers to the Tag Heuer sports watches designed primarily to withstand aqua activities and sports, and the watches would be able to withstand a good depth of water pressure. It was too bad, the Sales Supervisor did not felt it of any purpose to tell us exactly the technical details or how deep it can go under the water or what water pressure it can withstand, so we are none the wiser.

The second thing to know in buying the Tag Heuer watch is that of the color of the watch face. The watch face can be a dark face of black or dark blue or a white face. Normally a dark face watch would look really smart on my son’s wrist, but this time around the dark face watch that was tried out on my son’s wrist did not look any smarter or nicer at all. Even the Sales Supervisor agreed that when the watch was viewed independently as a standalone on the counter, it looked very smart but not on my son’s wrist. Once again, she failed to offer a reason why, but we can surmised that most probably the design of the watch itself is very much the reason.

The third thing to know in buying a Tag Heuer watch is that of the thickness of the watch. A thicker Tag Heuer watch would cost at least a thousand ringgit (malaysian dollars) more, and there was no reason why someone would want to buy a thicker and a heavier watch, and the Sales Supervisor once again did not take the trouble to explain why. But on further investigation, we found the thickness was due to the fact that the watch was an automatic self winding feature without needing a battery.

The fourth thing to know in buying a Tag Heuer watch is that of incremental value. To get an indication of the rate of gain in annual value, I checked out with a sportswoman who was the most avid tennis player I have ever known. She had purchased a Tag Heuer sports watch some 10 years ago at $2,500 ringgit during a closing down sale from a specialty watch shop. The same series was selling now at $3,500 making an annual increment of $100 per year. So if you are seeking to invest in a Tag Heuer watch with a view for capital gain, you can expect a similar rate of gain in value. If you are looking at better incremental value, you may need to consider other brands.

The final thing to know about buying a Tag Heuer watch is that of warranty. The Sales Supervisor told us that all Tag Heuer watches are guaranteed for a 2 year period. However on checking the manual, it was found that this only applies to watches purchased within the United States of America. The fine print on the warranty card showed a period of just one year for Tag Heuer watches purchased elsewhere.

There are also shops that accept trade in for your current model and an upgrade to a newer and more costlier model. So when you are buying a Tag Heuer watch from such an outlet, make sure you are buying a really new Tag Heuer watch and not getting a refurbished or reconditioned Tag Heuer watch at new prices! By the way, there are unadvertised discounts as well during certain periods of the year.

Consider all these factors when you are buying your Tag Heuer watch and you will find the most suitable and smart looking Tag Heuer watch. You can then enjoy years of good service from your Tag Heuer watch and be able to see it increase in value as the years go by.

It will also make a good watch if you are buying one for your loved one, especially for those memorable occasions such as Valentine day or birthdays, and can even have a Tag Heuer watch that is paired for a He and a She. Tag Heuer watches can put a dash of romance as well for love-birds!

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