Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser – Is it Worth the Money?

Ethel Gonzales

If you are reading these lines you must be by now probably thinking on buying one of these new machines we see all the time in the TV spots: The Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser. Well, we have news for you: Don’t buy it yet! As with every exercising machine you can purchase there are pros and cons you MUST consider even before you take your hand to your wallet pocket.

In this article we will try to outline some benefits of this piece based on lots of Cardio Cruiser reviews. We’ll discuss what’s good in it and what do we have to be careful with at the time of purchasing.

We found three big pro’s and one major con to take in consideration. Let’s see them.

  1. First, it really is an easy-to-use machine. The Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser comes with full instructions to workout on, with a very detailed exercise list and a powerful DVD with a fully guided workout training program to be carried on. And the exercises are to be started as soon as you get the machine, without any long learning curves that don’t take us anywhere. You receive it, set it on it’s place and start using it.
  2. Second, it integrates three major workout areas in the same exercise, meaning you will be getting out more on the same session. This is based on what they call the “dual action synchronized motion”. The idea is that the Cardio Cruiser gets your arms and your legs moving in a powerful way towards the same goal, thus providing your body with full cardio training at the same time. That way, you get a nice work on your lower body, you train you upper muscles and you do a cardio workout as if you were on three gym machines altogether.
  3. At last, the Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser fits in a very small place, and if you don’t have your own home gym installed at your home this could be the perfect purchase to get your body in movement and start working out.
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