Different Types of Gymnastic Vault – Using Vaulting Board

Ethel Gonzales

A gymnastic vault includes a running strip, landing mats, a vaulting table and a vaulting board or otherwise known as a spring board. All gymnasts use these materials and equipments to carry out their creative gymnastic performances. A gymnast will run down through the vault strip as fast as she can and jump onto the board to propel herself over the vault table via a handstand position. She will then land on the mat. Executing these gymnastic vaults is fun; however, it requires lots of determination and skill to be able to perform well.

There are five types of gymnastic vaults. They are handspring, the half on vaults, full twist vaults, yurchenko vaults and a combination of twists and yurchenko. Gymnasts are expected to perform these vaults but each of them has its own particular expertise. Some gymnasts can only execute one or two of the vaults while others can do all kinds of vaults. It really depends on the skill of an individual. Knowing your performance skill is the initial thing you need to know before you aim for higher goals, particularly about gymnastic vaults.

The handspring vault is when the gymnast must go straight from the board to the table in order to perform a creative gymnastic routine. She has to dismiss herself off the table by either going straight off or doing saultos and twists off. The half on vault is a type of equipment where the gymnast needs to jump off the board and do a half twist in the air before she puts her hands on the vaulting table. She also needs to push herself off backwards doing saultos or twists to end her routine. The full twist version is the same as the half on vault. This type only requires a full twist motion before putting the hands on the vaulting table. When the gymnast does a round off onto the board and then jumps backward on the vault, he is performing the yurchenko vault. Another version of this type is when the gymnast does more than one twist. Jumping and twisting yourself using any of these types of vaults is truly an amazing experience to have.

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