Google AdWords – Quality Score Technique

Ethel Gonzales

Google AdWords is the best and cheapest way of popularizing your products online. It is the method of publishing advertisements about your products on Google and internet. Sometimes there are situations when different advertisers wish for the same keyword or phrase and in such situations Google uses a tool to resolve conflicts. Google AdWords team will decide which ad will show up by analyzing their keyword bids and then quality of the advertisement.

You have to decide the maximum amount to pay for your advertisement clicks and depending upon that Google makes your ad to appear along the side or at the top of the search results. This happens whenever a customer types the keyword mentioned in your advertisement on the search box. Google will take into consideration all the competing ads but it takes final decision about which advertisement should appear and where to appear.

Google AdWords uses something called Quality Score which helps in deciding relevant ads to people’s searches. Quality Score depends on certain factors like click rate of ads, relevance of keywords, past performance of keywords used and the quality of sites to which clicks are directing. The more the relevancy of your keywords, the higher score you get and this decides the location of the advertisement during potential customer’s searches. Google AdWords is capable of bringing you a huge traffic to your website and thus promotes the sales of your products. Make an effective use of this online money-making technique that costs you very less.

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