High Rep Bodyweight Leg Training Builds Legendary Conditioning!

Ethel Gonzales

Leg training is a brutal type of training that many stay away from. Many think leg training in either running or gym work, and yes this is a form of leg training but leg training is so much more and more brutal than anyone could ever think.

Bodyweight training has come a long way, and just as it was making its way back bodyweight training went in another direction, it moved from standard more traditional bodyweight to gymnastic or circus type movements using about the same rep scheme as traditional weight training.

High rep bodyweight training is often over looked as a way only to condition the body and conditioning being the only benefit. The fact is when people try high rep conditioning they find that it is extremely difficult and instead of saying that it’s too tough they switch to less volume and more rest time.

Today’s society has more people training than ever before, and there are many types of training out there, there is something for everyone and everyone has the best way to train. The problem is people don’t stick with things long enough to get results or the training is too difficult to do and they move on.

Most people focus on glamor muscles, muscles that look good and that are not very useful. Magazine covers show amazing muscled up body of a man or woman that people think they can identify with and in reality it’s a dream.

The higher the reps and the higher the intensity, the harder the muscles work, and more oxygen is needed in the muscles and this where most men quit, this is called training to failure.

Stopping at failure trains the body to quit when the going gets tough, when you push on a little farther mental toughness is built.The pain is extreme the rests are short the results dramatic.

Leg conditioning is a whole different animal, it is the most result producing type of exercise you can do for building muscle, burning fat and building a level of conditioning that is almost superhuman. For years I avoided any real leg training because I thought that it would slow me down. Years later I found that leg training with high reps are workouts that make men.

Any one can train the upper body and most focus the majority of training on muscles that can be displayed easily.

The upper body is idolized, while the lower body is demonized. It’s a wicked way to live, but the benefits are great.

Workout that can be used is 50 jump squats and 50 pushups resting 1 minute and repeating this 3 times. Simple concept amazing benefits.

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