Importance of Cricket Equipment

Ethel Gonzales

Cricket, first played by England, is a simple bat and ball sport. This outdoor sport has become so popular since then. The game is played between two teams each containing eleven players. Having so many passionate fans, this bat and ball game has evolved into a religion these days!

In order to play any game, you would need lot of equipments. This game also requires equipments that are cricket specific. There is a lot of cricket equipment available. Some of which are cricket bat, cricket ball, gloves, stumps, batting pads, wicket keeping pads, etc. Out of which cricket bats and cricket balls are the most vital cricket equipments of all.

The cricket ball is one such cricket equipment and it weighs about 163 grams and it should have a circumference of 229mm. Cricket balls are traditionally colored in red, but however white color balls are also used in test matches. Bowlers used to throw these cricket balls in different ways and directions. The main objective of the bowlers would be to catch out the batsman. Cricket balls can be dangerous as it is very hard. It is made of cork which is wounded into strings. Cricket balls are designed to be hard, so that it can be thrown at high speeds.

The next most important cricket equipment is cricket bat. In order for a cricket batsman to play effectively, he would require a top class cricket bat. These bats are available in various types depending on size, weight, wood-type, only to name a few. One can select a type that suits their specific needs. Cricket bats are available for all age groups ranging from small kids to professional players. These bats are manufactured using a specially treated wood called willow. The quality of the cricket bat plays a major role in determining the performance of the batsman. So, it is essential that you choose a cricket bat that has the best quality and comfort.

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