Increase Penis Size – Real Penis Enlargement Requires A Formula And Only One Option Completes It!

Ethel Gonzales

Men who want to increase penis size typically will go for the most popular option they see the most of (pills, pumps, extenders, hanging weights, etc.). Unfortunately, those options are just about as good as wearing a fur coat in the Summer! Listen, to achieve REAL penis enlargement, there is a formula that must be completed in order to achieve an AMAZING penis size… and those options I just mentioned do not complete this formula! If you want to know what does, then read on to learn more!

You see, pills increase blood flow… slightly… and that’s it! Not to mention, taking pills can lead to many different side-effects! Pumps and extenders slightly expand your penile chambers… and that’s it! If you use one of these devices, you are also running the risk of developing life-long diseases and so many other side-effects! Surgery is just flat-out dangerous and certainly not worth the high price tag it comes with!

Now, before I talk about what works the best in order to significantly increase the size of your manhood, let’s firstly talk about the “formula” that needs to be COMPLETED in order to increase penis size.

To complete the “formula”, you have to mix together:

A.) Maximizing blood circulation to your penile chambers.

B.) Naturally expanding your penile chambers (corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum).

C.) Strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle (or PC muscle for short).

The only penis enlargement option that is sure to complete that formula above like no other is natural penis exercises that require nothing but your two hands, a penis exercise program, and some natural lubrication.

Ironically, penis exercises complete the “formula” for male enhancement because it is based on SCIENCE… not foolishness that causes side-effects too long to list!

Is there anything else required in order for these hand exercises to work? Yes… patience and consistency. This is not some “magical overnight foolishness”. It takes 4-12 weeks to develop a significant size (which is actually not that long at all in comparison to what those other options claim they do).

The number one recommendation I can give you if you decide to start doing exercise routines is to stick with doing them 100% consistently. The results will come, but you just have to be willing to dedicate yourself even if there are days you don’t feel like doing the routines (which should be never… since they only take around 6 minutes to do and they’re easy to do).

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