Kids and Sports – The Power of Positive Mental Attitudes

Ethel Gonzales

Most would agree that positive mental attitude has power especially when it comes to kids playing youth sports. It would be very difficult to debate otherwise and I am sure you agree. Youth sports programs must work hard to constantly promote a positive attitude. This can be done through careful coaching and teaching kids respect for the game and integrity on the field.
Still, but there is truly no greater feeling than winning after you have worked hard to get there and played your heart out. Just ask the late Vince Lombardi, as it builds character to win, when you deserve it or if you lose but gave it every last ounce of your existence. This also develops a positive mental attitude that is re-enforced through the team and coach.
One gentleman that wishes to bring these great attitudes to youth sports is Charles Hellman, Founder of LuckySports. I believe this is noble: “LuckySports believes that youth sports should recognize a good coach and parental positive attitude and promote it until it becomes the industry standard for youth sports.” and worthy. It’s a great simple mission statement in and of itself, even without all the other lessons in his works.
If we can teach kids to do their best in sports, follow the rules, and build character, then our society will be so much more ahead in the future. The children are our future; they will soon be running things, sooner than we know. By promoting sports, fairness, and respect for the game with children and teens now, we will be building integrity into the next generation. Think on this.

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