MORE Formula for English Learning

Ethel Gonzales

When you are learning a language, there comes a phase where you struggle to move ahead. The problems may be related to grammar, complicated vocabulary or lack of zeal. You may wonder what other students who excel in the language do and what their secrets are. The same goes for learning English. You wish to emulate the experts in their learning process for more success in your English learning quest. Follow the MORE formula for maximum learning impact and benefit. Simple but effective, this formula does not require special training for implementation. Only focus and determination is required to follow through.

The secret formula:

1. M – Motivation level

The first thing you should check is the level of your motivation for learning English. Are you learning for a job or academic purposes? The answer to this question will show your level of focus and determination. If you are going through a phase that is causing you to lose concentration, remind yourself why you have undertaken learning English. Think about the immense benefits this global language will provide you once you are fluent in it. You can search for different and fun ways to motivate yourself more by practicing different exercises and tasks.

2. O – Take every opportunity

Grab every opportunity you get while learning English. Find out ways and situations by which you can practice outside your classroom environment. You should try to have English conversations with your friends, family etc., it may be tough and even funny at first. But persistence is the key here. You can even try out online English classes to try to improve your spoken English. You can even go through free online English study materials.

3. R – Revision

Revision is very important while learning any new foreign language. If you don’t revise, you will forget important concepts and new vocabulary words. You will come across your mistakes and will get a good chance of rectifying it. This part of the formula is very important as you will realize your strength and weakness. You will find new ways to turn your weakness into your strength. You can achieve fluent English speaking skills only by consistent studies followed by revision.

4. E – Experiment

Like science, language also advances only by experimentation. You will uncover new boundaries and other exciting ways to learn by trying out new ways to grasp English. You should try it out even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. You can also mix and match different strategies and techniques and see which ones work for you.

Try out this revolutionary MORE formula and see your English learning studies go on a different level. Leave out the competition behind by following every part of the MORE. Don’t skip on any levels for maximum learning impact. Your concepts will be clearer, you will be more motivated and you will never skip any classes. If you are bored of trying out bookish English learning, you can enroll with an online English class. You can solve your doubts quickly and more effectively with a consistent partner.

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