Penis Injury: When a Bruise Is on the Penis

Ethel Gonzales

Clearly, any kind of penis injury has an impact on penis health – and it’s something all guys want to avoid. A penis injury can come in any form, but one of the more common is the bruise on the penis. Knowing what to do when a bruise pops up on the penis is essential.

What is a bruise?

People are used to getting a bruise on various parts of their body, but not everyone knows what a bruise actually is.

The physical presence of a bruise is marked by a discoloration in the skin, usually of a reddish, purplish or bluish hue. But why does it occur? Generally, it occurs because a part of the body has experienced trauma, such as bumping into a piece of furniture or getting hit in the arm. The force of the bump or blow causes blood vessels to tear. Blood seeps out of the vessel and into the surrounding tissue, causing the discoloration.

Bruises can be painful, especially in the early stages. However, bruises are not a cause of concern for inflammation.

Penis injury

There are several causes of penis injury that can result in a bruised penis.

The most common is trauma to the penis – that is, when the penis is physically impacted in a forceful way. Getting kicked in the penis, for example, is a definite trauma. Aside from the pain that it causes, if the blow breaks any blood vessels, some bruising is likely to occur. Men should be aware that there can be deep tissue damage as well as superficial bruising. A severe blow should be examined by a doctor. And men who are putting themselves in a position where penis injury is likely should take protective steps (e.g., athletes should wear athletic supporters and/or cups).

Other causes

But there are other ways to cause bruising. For example, overenthusiastic masturbation can sometimes result in more than simple soreness. If a man uses a too-tight “death grip” during masturbation, or if he likes to masturbate by pounding or beating the penis rather than stroking it, bruising becomes more likely. In some cases, a man can cause bruising simply by masturbating for too long a time and without sufficient lubrication; the rawness can make the skin more susceptible to bruising. Taking more care with the penis during masturbation can help decrease the risk of bruises.

Similarly, men who employ vacuum pumps as a means of either erecting or inflating their penis may sometimes experience bruising. Pumps are designed for men with erectile dysfunction, but some men use them recreationally in order to temporarily expand the size of their penises. If misused, the fierce suction of the pump can cause blood vessels to tear and bleed. Similarly, men who receive injections for erectile issues may be subject to bruising.

In some instances, men require surgery on their penis, and bruising may result; however, this is relatively uncommon.

Men who do acquire a bruise on the penis may want to consult a doctor. Home treatments typically include applying a cold compress or washcloth to the area on the first day. (Do not apply ice directly to the skin.) Warmth is often applied on the second day. And oral pain relievers can usually help dull the ache.

A bruise or any penis injury will also heal more quickly if the penis is in overall good health. Using a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help. Be sure to select a crème that includes vitamin D. This is the “miracle vitamin,” which supports healthy cellular function. It also helps if the crème includes a pair of potent moisturizers, such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (a natural hydrator). Together, they can help hydrate the skin and keep moisture in, thereby aiding skin repair and bruise healing.

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