Plasma-Carbon Symbiosis and Bioplasma Human body Fusion

Ethel Gonzales

Biologists are commencing to know that co-procedure was just as critical as competitors in the evolution of life’s diversity and resilience. Every single mobile in the human body has a mitochondrion which is imagined to be a bacterial cell which invaded an early eukaryote. As a substitute of currently being digested, each cells tolerated just about every other and began to are living with each and every other – a merger which furnished synergies to the two. This is a startling example of symbio-genesis. But then just about every multi-cellular animal or plant is also an evident example of co-operation relatively than opposition. Additional than a 1,000 trillion cells are dwelling peacefully and co-running in your entire body alongside one another with 500 to 100,000 species of germs. In reality, there are about 10 situations as many microorganisms as human cells in the human body.

Lynn Margulis, member of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences and Distinguished Professor at the University of Massachusetts, has argued that random mutation, claimed to be the primary supply of genetic variation is of only constrained importance. A great deal a lot more significant is the acquisition and integration of new genomes by symbiotic merger. But of training course, she was confining herself to only carbon-based mostly everyday living types.

The “Parallel Earth” hypothesis proposes that a counterpart dark subject Earth co-accreted with the noticeable Earth in the embryonic Photo voltaic Process. According to darkish plasma idea, dim make any difference is composed mainly of a plasma of very substantial vitality non-regular particles (from time to time of a diverse parity) – or “dark plasma”. On this counterpart Earth, daily life flourished, just like it did on our visible Earth. The variance was that the life kinds were being plasma-dependent. Two unique substrates, plasma and carbon, gave rise to life-sorts in two diverse habitats.

According to the “Dark Panspermia” speculation proposes that meteorites, asteroids and comets, made up of both equally the dark and noticeable setting up blocks of lifestyle fell into habitable zones and generated the initial solitary-celled and later on multi-cellular lifetime-varieties which designed both common and dark bioplasma bodies that had been coupled to each individual other. For this reason, even when existence began on the noticeable Earth, plasma lifetime forms have been previously forming symbiotic interactions with the plentiful carbon-based mostly lifestyle forms on our counterpart Earth.

Inter-Substrate Plasma-Carbon Symbio-genesis

“Symbiosis” is a expression applied to describe a shut ecological relationship between the persons of two (or extra) distinct species. Sometimes a symbiotic partnership rewards each species, in some cases just one species benefits at the other’s expense, and in other conditions neither species added benefits. It has been observed by metaphysicists that the symbiotic partnership in between the bioplasma and carbon-based bodies is 1 of “mutualism” in which both species reward. (At least 1 foremost metaphysicist, however, describes the romance as “parasitic”.)

Practically all carbon-centered lifetime forms these days, such as homo sapiens, experienced symbiotic relationships with plasma-dependent everyday living types. Hominids are the goods of a symbio-genesis among a carbon-based and plasma-dependent lifestyle sort. Unlike other animals, nonetheless, carbon-based hominids had been in a position to make use of the choice cognitive-sensory methods of their plasma-centered symbiotic partners. Their one of a kind brains allowed them to activate the bigger strength bioplasma bodies that co-developed with the carbon-dependent physique without having automatically possessing any acutely aware awareness that they were accessing a distinct cognitive method. Interactions produced amongst the decrease electrical power carbon-primarily based bodies of hominids and the increased electricity bioplasma bodies and were being sustained for various thousands and thousands of yrs up to the current.

When particular brain circuits in the biochemical brain (particularly in the parietal and temporal lobes) have been disabled, the locus of consciousness from the carbon-based mostly entire body of a human was transferred to the plasma-dependent overall body. During REM (Swift Eye Movement) rest the carbon-based mostly physique procedures information and facts from the bioplasma physique.

According to dark plasma concept, there is a increased strength correlate of the (carbon-dependent) bodily-biochemical fertilized egg. This correlate, commonly in its adult sort, is normally known as the “(etheric) double” in the normal metaphysical literature. It is usually noticed as a reproduction of the carbon-centered physique but operates on an electromagnetic system, becoming a bioplasma human body. It is classified here as a “Amount 3 bioplasma human body”. (“Stage 3” signifies that the system inhabits a universe which has 3 spatial proportions and 1 time dimension, just like the carbon-based human body.)

Variety 1 Bioplasma Entire body Fusion

“…all obvious organisms, crops, animals and fungi advanced by “human body fusion.” Fusion at the microscopic stage led to genetic integration and development of ever-much more complex folks.” – Lynn Margulis, Attaining Genomes, 2002

According to the metaphysical literature, the Amount 3 bioplasma entire body originates and typically dies alongside one another with bodily-biochemical entire body (which is also a “Amount 3” overall body) or a shorter time thereafter. This is not stunning as the age of this bioplasma system approximates the carbon-centered physique since both equally bodies originates at about the similar time in a unique life time. On the other hand, in certain cases, for instance accidental dying, the nonetheless healthy and undamaged bioplasma overall body (the “donor”) decouples from the carbon-based mostly body. Subsequently it could take up (or fuse) with an embryonic Amount 3 bioplasma overall body which is coupled to an embryonic carbon-dependent system (the “receiver”). This “human body fusion” provides rise to a new Stage 3 bioplasma daily life-kind and is very scarce. It does not sum to a symbio-genesis as both of those bioplasma bodies are of the very same species.

It was claimed by Paul Pearsall (in his guide the The Heart’s Code) that recipients acquiring a donor’s heart during heart transplants could practical experience sure emotions and even “mobile memories” of the donor. Recipients have described inheriting almost everything from the donor’s food stuff cravings to expertise about his murderer – info that in a single situation led to the killer’s arrest. In the same way, in Variety 1 Bioplasma Entire body Fusion (the place the bioplasma bodies becoming fused are relatively close in frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum to the actual physical-biochemical body) the carbon-centered human body of the receiver may well be impacted by sure situations or even the visual appeal or phenotype of the donor.

In particular conditions, options that have been linked with the carbon-dependent body of the donor which impacted the donor’s Level 3 bioplasma human body was transferred to the carbon-dependent human body of the recipient by way of the fusion of the donor’s bioplasma human body with the recipient’s bioplasma body. In this variety of symbio-genesis, regular of most documented reincarnation instances, memories relating to the donor might be accessed by the receiver. This normally most quickly occurs when the receiver is younger and has not done the complete progress of the mind. Access to the recollections of the donor will be progressively lost as the mind prunes its neural networks.

Ian Stevenson, a scientific researcher in reincarnation-kind circumstances, has learned that specific Burmese young children who remembered their “former lives” as British or American Air Power pilots shot down in excess of Myanmar in the course of Earth War II have fairer hair and complexions than their siblings. Unique facial features, foot deformities and other attributes were being carried about from a single life to yet another. Most usually birthmarks resembling scars from bodily accidents have been carried around. In a person situation, a boy who remembered staying murdered in “his former life” by owning his throat slit had a long reddish mark resembling a scar all-around his neck. A boy who remembered committing suicide by taking pictures himself in the head in his previous incarnation had two scar-like birthmarks that lined up completely with the bullet’s trajectory, a single exactly where the bullet entered and another the place the bullet exited. Stevenson has collected hundreds of these circumstances and has published content articles in authoritative journals, which include the Journal of of the American Professional medical Association .

These scenarios counsel that a transfer of characteristics and recollections took area a shorter time following the death of the carbon-dependent entire body and that the Level 3 bioplasma double experienced not disintegrated entirely. In these unusual scenarios, even certain actual physical options and attributes, which have been designed for the duration of the former carbon-centered lifetime, may well appear again in the new carbon-dependent physique.

In these instances, the Degree 3 bioplasma overall body experienced been impacted by the bodily deformation to the past carbon-centered system and transmitted it as a element in a further carbon-primarily based body which is not genetically linked with the 1st entire body. In other phrases it is a Carbon-Plasma-Carbon transfer of properties which indicates some kind of cross-substrate imprinting.

Sort 2 Bioplasma Overall body Fusion

In the the vast majority of cases, nevertheless, Type 2 Bioplasma Overall body Fusion takes place. In this scenario, the bioplasma system at the up coming better strength amount (frequently referred to as an “astral physique” in the metaphysical literature but categorized right here as a “Level 4 bioplasma body”) fuses with an embryonic bioplasma entire body at the very same electricity amount which is connected to a Stage 3 bioplasma system. (“Amount 4” signifies that the system inhabits a universe which has 4 spatial proportions and 1 time dimension.)

In this circumstance, memories of the fusing Level 4 bioplasma entire body could be difficult to obtain until particular mind circuits within the carbon-primarily based bodily-biochemical entire body are switched-off both chemically (by way of psychoactive prescription drugs), bodily (by surgical procedure, transcranial magnetic stimulation which simulate mind lesions or mishaps) or psychologically (through deep meditation or hypnosis). All through a in the vicinity of-demise knowledge (“NDE”) the “light-weight” which accompanies and reveals by itself to the NDEer (in his or her Degree 3 bioplasma human body) is typically the Degree 4 bioplasma body.


The symbiotic interactions between carbon dependent bodies and bioplasma bodies exhibit that the rules and examine of ecology must be extended to parallel environments – beyond the seen natural environment. Existence on the noticeable Earth is intricately joined to invisible lifetime in the parallel bigger strength Earth. Human beings are chimeras. Chimeras are daily life sorts which are composites of system areas (in this scenario bodies) which have different origins.

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