Putting Practice Will Lower Your Golf Scores Quickly

Ethel Gonzales

Putting practice for golf! Now doesn’t that sound exciting? Going to the practice green and spending 30 minutes putting that little ball in a hole. Shoot me now! But guess what? Putting is half your score! Do you think it’s important to work on?

If you’re like me…you avoid the practice green. I get so bored so quickly! It drives me nuts to stand over putts and try to make them. I know this may sound “off the wall”, since the ball has to go in the hole to make a good score, but I would rather watch a drive go LONG and straight than putt anyday!

But reality says, we’ve got to practice our putting for better golf scores…so buck up and do it!

I have come up with a 8 minute putting routine I do a couple of times a week, and it has lowered my score by 3 strokes. That’s pretty cool! Didn’t even work on my swing to do it. Just a little putting practice and my score AND handicap came down quickly!

No matter how much time you have, you should come up with a routine you do consistently. Maybe it’s only 5 minutes…but it’s better than nothing, and is sure to improve your score and help you avoid too many 3 putts.

The most important things to work on is distance control and making short putts. Aim is also important, but if you don’t get it to the hole, that doesn’t matter anyways right?

So practice getting consistent from 30 feet, 20 feet and then 10 feet with your distance control. Then spend the rest of your time on short putts. Maybe 4-6 feet. Do a ton of these, because this is where you’ll make your money.

If you have to, get some golf putting instruction to help you kick start your putting practice routine.

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