The Mental Zone to Jumping Higher – Mindset is Everything

Ethel Gonzales

Becoming a professional athlete is by no means a simple task. It takes a special physical build, jumping ability and many other things. The most important thing that professional athletes have more than anybody, is the mindset of a pro. That may sound stupid or redundant to you, but preparing mentally is the most important thing an athlete can do. Here are 3 easy tips to prepare mentally for your vertical leap increase.

1. Imagine!

I have used this technique for anything from dunking the basketball, to robbing a home run in deep center field. This is a very simple concept and IT WORKS!

What you do is, when you lay down in bed at night, visualize yourself making the perfect dunk, or raising the bar on the high jump. Replay that scene over and over again in your head every night. When you work on your jump training, imagine yourself slamming the ball hard.

2. Anger

Anger is not always a negative thing. Sports are a great way to harness anger and release it in a way that is very beneficial.

When you are working on your jump training, think about something that makes you very angry. Funnel that anger to your training. Use that anger to become the animal that you need to be to increase your vertical leap.

3. Passion

It is important to have a passion in the sport that you are participating in. If something is blocking you from pursuing that passion, eliminate it and focus all your energy on the training to be the best athlete and the highest jumper.

The mind is a very powerful thing. If you can harness its energy and focus your mind the right way, anything is possible.

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