Youth Football Offenses – Which is Better, Solitary Wing Or Double Wing?

Ethel Gonzales

The Double Wing- Single Wing Offense Comparison

For youth soccer, which offense is greater, the Solitary Wing or the Double Wing?

Numerous of you may perhaps not know that I have coached both of those the Solitary Wing and Double Wing Offenses with a number of youth football groups. When I say Double Wing, I mean the regular Double Restricted, Fullback at sniffer offense, not the flexbone The Double Wing has as it can be main sequence the toss energy off-tackle, fullback entice, fullback wedge, wing counter, some style of sweep ( many options) and a participate in action move off of toss action.

I’ve Run Both equally Offenses

Just after watchful examine we decided very long back that my then group of 16 teams would have a selection of functioning possibly the Single Wing or the Double Wing. We played in a league of 70 or so groups ages 6-14. As lately as 2004 I was carrying out Double Wing clinics for the youth coaches in my organization. In 2005 my firm went 100% Solitary Wing throughout the board. Personally I have been operating Single Wing exclusively for the very last 8 seasons. Lots of coaches weighing in on this alternative have coached one particular or the other or in some cases even neither, I have researched and coached equally.

Double Wing is a Fantastic Offense

While this report in no way is striving to disparage the Double Wing offense, I just want to share with anyone why we did what we did. I am in an enviable place of having coached each offenses to numerous groups as properly as possessing taught both equally methods to 200+ coaches in the youth systems I ran. Yet again, I am a enthusiast of all sequence primarily based offenses that can hit each and every point of assault whilst placing defenses in conflict and equally of these offenses do that extremely well. I will usually be a fan of outstanding execution and offenses that permit teams with normal talent to triumph and equally of these offenses do a pretty very good work of executing just that. This is not intended as a slam to the Double Wing, I believe it is a fine procedure and we ran it yrs back again for just that reason.

Below are some base reasons why I desire the Single Wing to the Double Wing:

The Single Wing requires just 1 puller, the Double Wing involves 4. In non-pick out football, even with excellent coaching I’m hardly ever if ever heading to have 4 efficient pullers. If I have many athletic linemen that can pull, my guess is they are 2 way players. Do I actually want to tire these 2 way starters out by owning them pull on each and every perform but wedge? Most of the foundation Double Wing performs, toss, sweep and counter require 2 pullers.

The Single Wing snap is Much easier and safer. Also lots of drives die in youth soccer since of inadequate QB/Center exchanges. In our version of the snap the “QB” is just 2 yards powering the heart and pretty reduced, the snap does not have to be ideal to be powerful and if there are any complications the QB has a 2 lawn cushion to recover. With foot to foot splits, penetration is small. It is extremely exceptional for us to have much more than 1 poor exchange outcome in turnover for an total time (these with the full season video games DVDs can attest to this)/ Which is 1 turnover per Season, not video game. Indirect snap (QB under Center) groups just cant make this declare.

The Solitary Wing does not call for tough to execute footwork for the quarterback on most ball exchanges. To give you just one instance: On the base off-deal with toss perform that is the staple of each Double Wing attack, the QB has to choose the snap from beneath center (currently much more dangerous than the Single Wing snap), helps make absolutely sure he clears deep plenty of to get out of the way of each the bottom guard and deal with pulling correct in entrance of him, tosses the ball generating sure to guide the motioning wingback, then gets out in front of the running back functioning inside of the kickout block of the fullback whilst making guaranteed to make a block on the playside corner. The toss by itself frequently entails a drop move and nimble spin and for the QB to have a probability at acquiring out in entrance of the motioning wing, the QB genuinely requirements to toss the pitch blind all the whilst hoping some huge noseguard hasn’t jammed the centre into his lap.

What this all usually means is teaching your QB takes a whole lot of time in the Double Wing and you much better have at least 2-3 QBs at the completely ready. Do they have to be wonderful athletes? No, but they need to have to be sensible, like speak to, be strong and be nicely experienced, the offense is intricate and requires precision timing, it is not very forgiving. Review that to the One Wing “QB”, he almost never has to hand the ball off, would not have to fret about having run more than by pulling linemen and having the snap takes considerably less than 15 seconds to understand. In 2005 we received a Condition Championship with a 4th string “QB” at the helm. Our first workforce child broke his arm in game 5, our 2nd staff kid experienced a swollen knee and out 3rd workforce kid pulled his groin at the pool get together the nigh prior to the massive recreation, slipping on some moist tiles. We received the sport by mercy rule with a 4th group QB who was out starting proper guard, and up to that point experienced only carried the ball 10-12 instances. I question numerous genuine Double Wing coaches will tell you they could do the identical a 4th workforce QB in that offense.

In the Solitary Wing we can get the ball to any player really conveniently and with very incredibly minor time devoted to it. In the Double Wing you have to teach the movement, having pitches and handoffs etcetera and so on. In the last 3 seasons every single 1 of my eligible gamers have carried the ball and 36 various young children have scored touchdowns. Once we get ahead it is basic for any participant to just take a uncomplicated direct snap and operate the off-deal with gap. Mom and dad and kids like this about our offense.

The Solitary Wing has unmatched deception. With the Single Wing you can operate each and every enjoy the Double Wing has in its offense, but in just about every circumstance the play is much easier to run out of the Solitary Wing. But the Double Wing can not operate numerous of the sequence the Single Wing has, which include the most deceptive sequence in all of football, the comprehensive spin sequence.

The One Wing performs hit considerably speedier. In the Double Wing a lot of of the plays get fairly a little bit of time to develop like the off-tackle, You have to wait for the two bottom pullers to get there, the WB to get his sluggish motion toss and the QB to get out on the corner. In distinction the Solitary Wing off-deal with play hits at comprehensive pace, the “QB” normally takes the ball on a useless operate in a straight line path to the gap, one thing we truly feel we want when actively playing pretty rapidly and athletic groups.

The Solitary Wing is a lot easier to pass out of, we are presently in a small shot gun formation.

The Double Wing involves even its weakest players, the limited finishes (in most situations) to “shoeshine” block 2 gaps to the inside of, when the deal with and guard vacate to pull. There is no these types of necessity from the Solitary Wing finishes, while I you should not imagine that block is as tricky to execute as quite a few coaches do.

The One Wing presents the unmatched deception of getting ready to snap the ball to 3 distinctive gamers on every single participate in. The protection has no clue which of the 3 the ball has been snapped to and has to account for all 3. There isn’t really another offense out there that can match that assert or be additional of a headache for the regular youth defense.

The Solitary Wing was a lot more fun for the young children and even for me. I acquired bored with operating 3-4 performs each sport and fell in really like with the Entire and Half Spinner Series in the Solitary Wing.

In the close, the Single Wing healthy our mission improved than the Double Wing, was substantially a lot easier to coach and we had far better final results with it. Which is why we built the switch.

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