How Penis Squeeze Exercise Can Make Your Penis Bigger and Longer

Ethel Gonzales

For most of the women, girth or circumference of the penis is much more important than length for sexual pleasures. This is due to the fact that the vaginal tract can feel the penis more if it’s thick rather than large. Nevertheless, both are important in giving ultimate sexual pleasure to your partner. However, what I will discuss today are the penis squeeze exercise designed to improve the circumference of your penis for thicker erections.

This exercise is a special technique and just within weeks of practicing, you may notice a big difference. There is no need for any lubricants to perform this exercise. Just remember that before starting this workout you must ensure that your penis is erect. Follow the instructions below to start your journey to a thicker penis.

1. Grasp the base of your penis with your thumb and first finger. As possible, do not let it reach your body. Perform the Kegel method and then squeeze your penis making the blood forced up to the shaft of your erect manhood. If you perform this correctly, you might notice that the veins are bulging at the top of your penis and it will look shiny and glossy.

2. Perform this on the same position for thirty seconds and you may also move your hand upward for an increase pressure. After the dedicated time, you can release it and for a couple of seconds, shake your penis. After this, repeat the process again just make sure that you are fully erect once more.

3. During each of the squeezes, PC muscles should also be contracted at the same time to get a maximum intensiveness of the execution. This exercise will put pressure on your penis so you need to be careful while you squeeze. The main objective of the exercise is to put a larger amount of blood inside the penis and not to give you any problem.

4. You also need to take note of some signs of pain and red spots that might appear on the surface of your penis. Do not worry because this is not harmful. They are just capillaries which you can recover from after a couple of days. However, take note to ease up the pressure and stop working out for a while.

Eventually, it is far more important to find and use the right routine and exercise workout that is best for you. And if you notice that you still have not seen any gains or changes after working out for a couple of weeks, you need to advance to a more extensive exercise that might work for you better.

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