Women’s Cricket Is Languishing: Why Not Play in Hot Pants and Bikinis

Ethel Gonzales

Women’s cricket is languishing. Why not play in Hot pants and Bikinis.

The recent world cup for women cricket held in India was a damp squib. There were no crowds and no sponsors and over all it was a financial wreck. The women played as well as possible, but nobody came to see them. One of the reasons is that the woman wearing pants and shirts like the men had much of the feminism taken away. Why will the crowds go and watch something staid when people are on the lookout for something exciting

One reason is that spectacle was missing. Men who patronize the game do not want to see women clothed as men with pants and shirts. They would prefer to see them play the game in something more feminine. Thus in case you want crowds to come in to watch women’s cricket the cricket board will have to do some revolutionary thinking.

The only solution to attract crowds is for women to play the game in a different garb, so that there is an all around spectacle. After all even in Men’s cricket (T20) bikini clad cheer leaders strike a beat for the crowds. These cheerleaders give an atmosphere of a carnival and add that much more pep and excitement to the game. If these girls can be cavorting around in men’s matches then I see no reason why the woman themselves cannot play the game in the same attire.

The only solution is for women to discard the staid white and colored pants in favor of hot pants and bikinis. It’s tried out in Australia and is a great hit. Once women players enter the cricket stadium in bikinis and hot pants the crowds will come in and so will the sponsors. The bottom line is money and the players will be better paid and the game will thrive.

There are many people who will be opposed to this concept of women playing in revealing clothes; but times have changed and one has to move ahead after all in ancient times the Amazonian warriors that’s for mythology also wore short skirts so they could go into battle easily. Keeping this analogy in mind I think the cricket board and the crowds will probably accept women batting,bowling and fielding in bikinis and hot pants.

The game of cricket is a spectacle to be enjoyed by all and I think this calls for some revolutionary changes.

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