How To Stop Having Mental Health Problems And Find Peace

Ethel Gonzales

Your ego is unable to accept God’s wisdom because it is selfish and absurd. In order to obey God’s wisdom you must transform your ego into a humble human being.

Your ego is an idol. You are not more important than God and the human race.

You will transform your ego and become a wise and sensitive human being by precisely obeying the divine guidance in your dreams. This process of transformation is unpleasant and painful, but you have to be strong.

Your ego is extremely dangerous. It will ruin your life. Your ego is easily manipulated by your satanic anti-conscience because it is idiotic and proud.

Your ego must help you control your behavior because it is the center of your human conscience, but your ego must be transformed into a humble human being. It must not be a proud leader.

You have to become God’s servant.

You are too imperfect in order to decide alone what you have to do. Your civilization is as barbarous and as ignorant as many other civilizations of the human history.

Only because you live in a city and you know how to use your computer and many other things, this doesn’t mean that you are an evolved creature. You are not more intelligent than those who belong to rudimentary civilizations. You are not more intelligent than your ancestors.

You are merely an underdeveloped primate. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your satanic anti-conscience.

You have to become a perfect human being and help God transform our world into a place where we will be able to develop our conscience. You must help God put an end to terror and violence.

God shows you in your dreams the depth of your evilness and absurdity. You will be surprised with the content existent into the biggest part of your brain and psyche.

The information you have in your dreams when they are accurately translated thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries helps you understand:

* How to transform your personality,

* How to eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience,

* How to eliminate your dangerous ego,

* And become a saint.

Your goodness and your wisdom will help you find authentic happiness and save the world from misery and terror. You will become a sensitive genius.

Everything depends on your obedience to the wise guidance you have in your dreams.

However, your obedience is difficult because God demands from you the behavior of a saint even while you still are a demon, before being transformed.

God’s requirements are very irritating for selfish, lazy, and indifferent creatures.

God makes you stop doing what you want. You have to understand that you have an important mission. You are not here in order to waste your time making dangerous mistakes. You have to be serious.

Your success depends on your capacity to understand that God always is right and you have to agree with Him, even when your conscience disagrees with His wisdom.

You disagree with God’s wisdom because you are idiotic, absurd, and evil. You don’t know what is good or bad. You believe you do, but this is a false impression.

You have to remember that God knows what is good and bad, without doubting of this fact.

God is not a dictator, but a doctor. You have to follow his directions in order to be cured from all mental health problems. He found the right formula.

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