Progressions Or Drills For a Tkatchev on the Women’s Uneven Bars

Ethel Gonzales

Teaching a Tkatchev

Let’s jump right into gymnastics skills and of course, why not one of my favorite skills to teach and watch on the uneven bars; the Tkatchev, also know as the reverse hecht. When this skill is performed to its maximum it leaves you with that “WOW” sensation. So, let’s dive in and get right to teaching.

Today I am going to give you a quick 4 step series to teaching the tkatchev on the trampoline bar, if your not blessed enough to have this bar station then you can try the drills with a exercise ball, floor bar and an 8″ skill mat. (I highly recommend the trampoline bar, it is well worth the space it takes in your bar workout area)

Basic assumption/prerequisite:
Gymnast can bounce from feet to back to feet, etc… with straight arms and a neutral head position.

Drill 1:
Back bounce to bridge (we usually put 2 bounces in front of the skill while in learning phase)

Drill 2:
Back bounce to bridge and stand up in front of the bar (trying to get this drill to rotate to feet smoothly!) Not back bounce bridge, situate hands and feet then stand up but to have flight to stand. (coaches can grab wrist and spot assist athlete)

Drill 3:
Back bounce to hyper and land on feet in front of the bar, with arms overhead immediately sit through legs to push down on the bar and press over bar to land in straddle stand or on butt on other side of the bar.

Drill 4:
Try tkatchev, have coach slid mat in over bar when attempting first 1-3

I put bar pads on the trampoline bar, or the athletes wear heel pads. I prefer the bar pads in case they hit another body part, also so they can feel there feet together when they are suppose to be together.

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